Flexercise and Games

We have had another couple of busy weeks with our activities team. Our regular flexercise, the seated exercise class we run, went off with great success. A resident requested to play our word games to keep brains active and encourage a bit of positive competition. We held a quiz on Wednesday, which became very lively and a lot of fun!

Garden Fun and Tennis

The weather has been fantastic, so we made good use of our garden and gazebo. We played a few garden games, including tennis, which was especially enjoyed with Wimbledon being on. Some days it was so hot we chose to sit chatting and soaking up the sunshine.

A Bit of Bad weather

Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel our planned trip to Weymouth for fish and chips due to a rare spot of bad weather. We hope to reschedule this soon so we will keep everyone posted. Our residents have enjoyed bingo sessions, and the prizes were very gratefully received.

Wish List Tree

We have started a wish list tree and look forward to making everyone’s wish a reality! They have all been very interesting requests, and we look forward to putting more smiles on more faces. The wishes range from a trip to the beach to a tattoo!

A Good Old Sing Song

Julia, the singing therapist, joined us and warmed everyone up with some stretches and voice control tips before a good old sing-song. We also had a visit from Justin, a singer-guitarist who we all look forward to seeing. We were all tapping and singing along to classics by The Shadows, Cliff Richard and the rock n roll era.

Pamper days

We also had our weekly pamper days of hairdressing and nails, so our residents look as beautiful as always.


This week’s write up was written by our residents with assistance from Kate.