Spring has Sprung At Belmont! 

At Belmont on Monday we were donated some flowers and plants for our gardening club from Bodmin nursery we had to pick them up and took them back to Belmont. We started up a gardening club so have been spending some time working on the garden and soaking up the lovely sunshine. 

The majority of plants that were donated were planted in the raised beds at the bottom of the garden. But, before this could happen, a lot of preparation was needed. Some of the residents were getting their hands dirty with this job! They were determined, with Emma and Aimee, to get the job done. We think you’ll be impressed with the transformation. 

The transformation lead good stead for some further ‘down time’ this week as the residents headed out in the garden, 2 residents sat at the bottom of the garden having lunch and listening to Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra – Fly me to the moon was a hit! 

Oh and of course lots of ice cream was to be had!

Proper job! 

We’ve been really trying to ensure that the residents that wish to continue with exercising are getting their steps in, so a few residents had a stroll up the road and posted a couple of their letters and lots of happy faces to end the week. 

We like the food here at Belmont and meal times are special so we decided to make some toasted sandwiches which the residents made themselves, they picked what they would like in them, then they were toasted the residents had lots of fun with this, safe to say they went down a treat. Afterwards, We had some fudge donated from Fins delights the residents enjoyed eating this and it was gone very quickly!!

We also celebrated two birthday’s this week, lots of cake, fun, music and laughter was had! 

The weekend activities have been a real variety. Dominos, jigsaw puzzles, a spot of dancing and some breathing and movement exercises were enjoyed on Saturday.  Residents enjoyed having a boogie with care staff and some of the residents loved participating in the breathing and movement session. 

On Sunday, after another eventful week at Belmont, Residents enjoyed a little quiet reading, gardening was the topic for the day.