Shakespeare at Axbridge Court Residential Care Home in Axbridge in Somerset

‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Thou art more lovely and more temperate: 

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,

And summer’s lease hath all too short a date’ 

William Shakespeare wrote these thoughts as part of his Sonnet 18, read by a resident recently to others in the garden as one of various get-together held outside as we’ve taken advantage of the recent sunny weather we have been having at Axbridge Court residential care home in Axbridge in Somerset.

During the long shadow cast by Covid-19, our entertainment has been self-generated, whether it be readings or listening to music indoors or outside, residents’ voices speaking or singing while, when the weather has been fine, coffee or tea has been taken comfortably in the shade, with a cool breeze to give further comfort. 


Recently, however, we finally had our second visit by an entertainer since the lockdown descended upon us in March. As it happens, it was during that reading of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 that David, an accordion player, arrived on that very warm, sunny afternoon with his beautiful music to wake us up from a long-term silence in terms of live music which hopefully we will never have to experience again.

Residents were clearly excited by Dave’s performance, saying how they had not heard accordion music for such a long time and how the instrument’s sounds brought back memories of when they were young and danced freely. 

They sang along to many of the tunes and the sound carried so well on the breeze that a staff colleague said later that she could hear everything in her garden nearby! Needless to say, it was a really pleasant time with Dave and he promised to return soon.

A couple of weeks later we were delighted to welcome back one of our long-time favourite, Maria. In the garden and again in lovely weather, with hardly a cloud in the sky and with just small birds flitting in the moderately warm breeze, Maria produced a great selection of songs that brought a holiday mood right into our home.

Abi, a staff colleague who emerged as a popular musician on the violin before the lockdown, has also played for us recently. In the cooler weather, in which we can already feel the breath of the autumn, she has been able to play indoors for us. She has also played one-to one for residents who remain in their own rooms by necessity or choice. There is nothing like a home-grown entertainer!

Other activities and changes at Axbridge Court Residential Care Home in Axbridge in Somerset

A recent change to the activities structure has been the creation of a small activities room for residents who prefer to do their own quiet mental aerobics, like Scrabble or simply reading or listening to music. 

Our Sensory Garden Makeover was completed recently at Axbridge Court residential care home in Axbridge in Somerset. All items are solar giving a beautiful light show in the evenings. I think you’ll agree it’s looks amazing! Have a look at our facebook page for some lovely pictures of this.

We’ve also given the front a little makeover too, restoring life to furniture and adding colour to our beautiful surroundings.

Meanwhile those who are interested in our usual activities’sessions such as Bingo, word games, quizzes, gardening club etc continue to meet as usual in the lounge. And of course, we do not forget about the residents in their bedrooms, visiting them regularly for a song or a chat, whatever appeals.

Last but certainly not least, a very important development with lockdown relaxations has been the freedom of residents to see family and friends again. This is wonderful, the proviso being that meetings take place outside in the garden with masks and social distancing. So limitations still exist, but we’re heading in the right direction at Axbridge Court residential care home in Axbridge in Somerset.

Tunde Novak – Activities Co-ordinator