Holmewood Residential Home near Cockermouth holds strong against Coronavirus

We are fast approaching Autumn now, after what has felt like a blur for the duration of Spring and Summer – it is exciting to imagine the possibilities the new season could bring with the ever-improving situation with regards to Holmewood Residential Home near Cockermouth and our resilience against the Coronavirus Pandemic.

We have been incredibly fortunate to have so far made it through the largest part of the pandemic unscathed, and to have made it through each round of resident and staff testing with no positive results – it speaks volumes to the dedication of all of the wonderful staff and health professionals involved in the care of our residents through an undoubtedly challenging six month period, and for that we are incredibly thankful.

There have been other big changes to Holmewood during this time, namely the purchase of Lakeland Care Group by Churchlake Care and the subsequent departure of Chris and Mandy Root. Although we were sad to say goodbye to Mr & Mrs Root, we feel incredibly fortunate to be welcomed into such a supportive and experienced group of care professionals and we are optimistic about the opportunities this can bring our way to constantly improve and develop the service offered to the residents of Holmewood. Although these last few months have seen us lose a few familiar faces, we have also seen the arrival of some new and wonderful people to add to our new Churchlake Care family. www.churchlakecare.com

After a challenging period in which we had to close to visitors, entertainment and other visiting professionals such as hairdressers and chiropody, we have been thrilled to have been able to allow visits by appointment – although not in the relaxed format we could previously provide, we do feel that this is a positive start to returning to some much-needed normality. We have begun our regime of weekly testing for staff and monthly testing for residents to ensure that these changes do not bring additional risk to our residents or staff, thankfully at this time all testing has been clear, and we all remain fit and well.

We are excitedly anticipating all that is to come in the coming months, hoping to inject new life into Holmewood with new activities, bespoke clubs to cater to the interests of our residents, alternative options for entertainment and trips in the company minibus. We hope that in the next few months we can provide all of the fun and enrichment that our residents have sadly missed out on.

Return of entertainment at Holmewood Residential Home near Cockermouth

Most recently, we have been able to facilitate the return of some of our much-loved entertainment, and one or two new faces! When we have had fine weather, we have had visits from Music for Health for some outdoor entertainment, which has been a breath of fresh air to our wonderful residents, who have been so patient throughout all of the disruption caused by COVID-19. Our gardens have proven to be a space of refuge for some, whether walking around our sensory garden or relaxing in our seating areas enjoying some of the lovely Cumbrian weather we have been blessed with.

Sensory Garden at Holmewood Residential Home near Cockermouth

We continue to work through all of the challenges that we face as one large family and hope that in the next few months we can provide all of the fun and enrichment that our residents have sadly missed out on.

Our wonderful staff have shown incredible commitment to Holmewood and have truly stepped up and supported each other, our residents and our Acting Manager, Angela Dawson. Despite all of the changes we have faced in these last six months, the unwavering support of staff, residents and family members alike has been truly overwhelming, and we look forward to putting this period of time behind us and moving forward, learning constantly from our experiences and paving the way for a new and improved service for our residents.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

We will be producing monthly updates from now on regarding what’s happening at Holmewood Residential Home near Cockermouth.  You can keep up with these on our website page https://churchlakecare.com/holmewood-residential-home/ or on facebook, so like us if you can! https://www.facebook.com/holmewoodresidentialhome