Covid-19 Update Sept 20

Given the recent rise in Covid-19 and the increase in cases in the local area, I have made the decision to place Axbridge Court in lockdown. This will mean that all ‘Social Distance Visits’ to the home will be cancelled until further notice.

I have made this decision based on the confirmed number of cases recorded from 13th-19th September as detailed below.

Sedgemoor 6
North Somerset 20
Mendip 11
Bristol 14
Bath 11

As you can see the growth in areas close to us are on the rise. We have worked extremely hard throughout the Pandemic to keep our home safe and free from the virus and with the colder weather vastly approaching I would like to add a further layer of protection for our home and those within our care. I will be reviewing this decision weekly and I will keep you updated on any changes.

I know this will come of some disappointment to you all, but I hope you can understand my decision is in the best interest of our home. During this period of lock down, please continue to make phone calls and Video calls to your loved ones. Our Wi-Fi connection is being enhanced through the entire home WC 28th September, so we will soon be able to offer video calling to all residents. Should anyone wish to arrange a video call, please do let us know.

May I take this opportunity to Thank you for your understanding on this matter. As always, should you wish to speak to me, I am always available.

Take care and Stay Safe.