Here at Churchlake Care Group of residential and nursing homes pride ourselves on the level of nutrition provided for our residents.  Our group nutrition policy is formed by two main factors: quality and choice.  We deliver this daily with three freshly prepared, home cooked meals, that have been chosen by our residents.

Offering quality at Churchlake Care Group of residential and nursing homes

At Churchlake Care our catering facilities are managed as a commercial kitchen.  We follow strict regulations for cleanliness and operation.  Cooks and kitchen assistants must be fully qualified in Health and Hygiene.  They must also have a passion for home cooked, traditional meals.  Our residents tend to prefer good home cooking just ‘Like Mother used to Make’.  Here at Churchlake Care we go out of our way to accommodate.  This includes hearty choices such as stews, casseroles, steak pie and similar but also a wider choice for those with an adventurous palate.   The kitchen is inspected by the local authority.  It is then given a Hygiene Rating in the same way as a restaurant.  All our homes have 5 Star Hygiene rating, which we are extremely proud of.

Ingredients are sourced from our regular local suppliers.  These include independent butchers and grocers.  This is to ensure the very highest of quality.  In the main raw, fresh ingredients are used.  These are then cooked from scratch to the very highest standard.  Meals are always balanced and served with a good selection of wholesome vegetables.

To aid nutrition fresh fruit is always available for snacks.  Additionally,  a home baked selection of biscuits, cakes or sweet treats to have with afternoon tea.  This, as you can imagine, is a firm favourite with everyone.  Birthdays are always celebrated with a delicious home baked cake!

dining at Churchlake Care

Offering Choice at Churchlake Care Group of residential and nursing homes

We offer wide food choice to residents at every meal.  When a new resident enters one of our residential or nursing homes, we complete a questionnaire to establish their likes and dislikes. We like to get family members involved in meal planning as it enables us to get food choice correct for resident from the outset.  We take other information such as allergies, vegetarian diet, medical needs etc to ensure individual needs are met.

As we all know ‘good days’ always start off with a hearty breakfast.  Our residents can choose from a full range of breakfast offerings and have a bit of a mixture of everything if required.  A wide selection of cereals and fruits, as well as various items on toast are available.  Some of our residents also love the traditional ‘Full English’, which we are incredibly happy to provide!

Here at Churchlake Group of Care homes we try to keep menus seasonal, so we know the freshest of ingredients are going into our food.  Our Kitchen Colleagues all have a great repour with our residents.  They ask residents individually at the start of a new season such as Autumn, what they would like to see on the menu.  We also have tasting days to see how the new dishes will be received.

In addition to our residents having their say on menus, they then have at least two menu options for every lunch and dinner.  At Churchlake Care Group of Residential and Nursing homes we love giving our residents great choice in setting menus as well as the ‘on the day’ choice too.  We feel this works so well and empowers residents to have choice over what they eat.

It’s not just eating, it’s a dining experience at Churchlake Care Group of residential and nursing homes

We at Churchlake Care Group know that providing three home cooked nutritious meals a day is vital not only for the physical well being but also the mental well being of our residents.

As we know mealtimes provide a natural rhythm to our days and create structure.  They provide an avenue for residents to come together socially and interact. Mealtimes can often be the highlight of the day.  All residents within Churchlake Care Group of Residential and Nursing homes are encouraged to eat in the dining room.  We aim for attendance at least one meal a day.   Colleagues are invited to eat with residents.  This gives both residents and staff time to relax and interact with each other.  In this way we nurture and enrich relationships and make meals times even more enjoyable for everyone.

We also make a big deal of the dining experience for our residents.  It brings a sense of occasion to the day.  This is equally appreciated by residents and their families.  Tables are laid out in restaurant style.  We use matching cutlery and crockery.  These standards encourage residents to attend the dining room where possible.  Social interactions based around the dining table give great enrichment to our residents routine.  Also it empowers them to have an element of control over their lives.

dining at Churchlake Care

Assisted feeding with dignity at Churchlake Care Group of residential and nursing homes

For some of our residents eating does need to be assisted.  Here at Churchlake Care Group we carry out this task with the upmost dignity to our residents.  For example, we detail to them the meal they are about to have.  Additionally, we talk through every bite.  This is so residents can engage with the meal and our colleagues as much as possible.  We have stopped using plastic aprons at mealtimes, as it can feel too clinical.  We  now use cloth aprons instead.  Its these small differences like this that set Churchlake Care Group above the rest.

Clinical Side of nutrition at Churchlake Care Group of residential and nursing homes

It goes without saying that we closely monitor the weight of all residents.   All residents are weighed once a month.  They may be switched to weekly if weight loss is indicated.  If weigh loss encountered we then set them on a fortified diet under the direction of GP’s/dietitians.  High calorific additions are added to food choice to increase calories.  Such as, adding cream to mash potato.

Churchlake Care Group – Exceptional expert nutrition delivered with exceptional care

We know that nutrition is one of the main keys to keeping our residents stimulated, healthy and happy.  All at Churchlake Care are dedicated to this.  The results speak for themselves!

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