Autumn well and truly arrives!

October news at Chichester Hall Care and Residential Home. Autumn has well and truly arrived in Skinburness with high tides crashing onto the beach, a spectacular force of nature.

Leaves of red and gold carpet the lawns and pathways, keeping Brian busy, sweeping and clearing the walkways

As the days shorten and weather outside gets colder, we are happy and warm indoors with Hot Chocolate taking the place of cold drinks and soups and winter dishes being suggested by our resident group

Moody seas and Autumn scenes at Chichester Care and Residential HomeMoody seas and Autumn scenes at Chichester Care and Residential HomeMoody seas and Autumn scenes at Chichester Care and Residential HomeMoody seas and Autumn scenes at Chichester Care and Residential HomeMoody seas and Autumn scenes at Chichester Care and Residential Home

Activities at Chichester Hall Care and Residential Home

Activities have continued with Shirley and Memory Matters.  Residents were thrilled when John returned with a musical afternoon. He did not disappoint! Arts and crafts continue with residents.  Residents are busy making Christmas gifts for family members.

Lauren has been very generous with her time, adding photographs to our Facebook page, she also has some great ideas for activities over the coming winter months

Covid-19 Update at Chichester Hall Care and Residential Home

We are pleased to report we continue to keep clear of the COVID -19 virus, with staff tested weekly and residents every 28 days, this is due; in no small measure; to the continued diligence of staff who work hard to safeguard all who live and work at Chichester Hall

Team news at Chichester Hall Care and Residential Home

We have recently welcomed a new Carer to our ranks, Andrea, who has fitted in so well, we hope she enjoys being a member of our ‘family’ at Chichester Hall Care and Residential Home, we hope to recruit further Care Staff and a Cook in the coming weeks

It was good to see Karen returning to work after her spell of illness (not virus related), and we fully support her in her phased return to her duties

Anticipated Dining Room make over at Chichester Hall Care and Residential Home as well as some room refreshes

At the moment the Manager is asking for ideas for updating the dining room.  Suggestions for new colour schemes and ideas have been welcomed.  Residents have also been asked for their views.  Some more forthcoming than others!!  Staff have proved eager to be ‘hands on’ with the project, this positive response ,has shown that staff are fully committed to on-going improvements at the home, hopefully we will have a further update in our November News

This month Brian has been busy indoors during the very wet conditions.  He has been redecorating the Quiet Area, and some bedrooms.  Christmas decorating begins at the start of December so all the decorating will be finished by then.  The Manager has been making the Christmas cakes, and puddings with everyone having a stir and making a wish.  We have had a good crop of apples again this year so the home has had lovely aroma of chutney cooking! Also we have made some delicious apple and blackberry cakes that can be frozen,ready for Christmas.

Christmas is coming!

We have some talented staff members at the home, from flower arrangers, card makers to artists.  Sam, who is a member of our night staff, is a superb artist and has started on designs she proposes for Christmas window decorations.  Residents will be able to choose a design from her portfolio, for their own rooms and we eagerly await the results.

Visiting loved ones at Chichester Hall Care and Residential Home

Visiting has continued by appointment with social distancing.  We appreciate the acts of kindness we have been shown.  Family members of one of our residents generously gave vouchers for a local tea-room, who provided afternoon Sunday tea, we thank them very much indeed

Spooky Stuff at Chichester Hall

As Halloween approached we decorated the home with lighted pumpkins, balloons and ceiling decorations. The dining room flowers matched the colourways too.  The residents really enjoyed the week-end with special dinners.  All had a great deal of fun.  Michelle walked in with red cloak billowing and painted face, well half of it, as the photographs show!! Winnie the witch brought howls of laughter during the afternoon from her position on the fireplace!

Staying ahead of changes at Chichester Hall Care and Residential Home

As the announcement of further ‘Lockdown’ measures have just made the news headlines, we await further guidance, from the authorities, everyone is becoming worried about how it will affect the Christmas holiday season, but whatever happens we will continue to make life as enjoyable and comforting as possible for everyone, family members have been very understanding and we will continue to keep them informed of any changes as they happen, our main aim is the safety of residents and staff members, Churchlake Care continue to be very supportive during these difficult times, and remain proactive as Guidance continues to change.

We are continuing to grow our Facebook page please like the page and share updates as much as you can.  We would really appreciate it.

Jenni Wilkinson