Joyous times at Chichester Hall Residential Home in Wigton

December 2020 at Chichester Hall Residential Home in Wigton, the last month of a very challenging and eventful twelve months, 2020 will not be a year we will look back on very favourably.  
On the plus side we have kept clear of COVID-19 for the duration of 2020. The staff have given their all in keeping the home infection free. I cannot praise them enough.
The Christmas celebrations were very different this year. Visitor numbers were reduced by choice. Many families felt it was unfair to visit at such a difficult time. Instead, telephone calls and WhatsApp were very busy. Presents were delivered either by post or left with staff, ready for opening on the 25th.
Not so many decorations this year too, we had to stay line with the guidance from the Health Authority. The home looked very festive! The residents enjoyed the sparkle and Christmas lights. We had beautiful table flowers donated by Lou and Darryl.

Christmas Trees Donations

We were fortunate to have two outdoor trees this year and they added to the beauty of the grounds. We would like to thank Iggesund Paper Mills, and Owen and his friends. Also Stribers Farm at Haverthwaite for a beautiful tree delivered to the home by Jeff and Becky. We would also like to thank Stan Palmer (Ford) for the beautiful hamper given to the residents. We also received a lovely card from the pupils of the local school. It was very much appreciated.
Family members were also very generous with their gifts for staff. We thank them all sincerely. Staff very kindly bought gifts for all residents. This included personalised crockery, toiletries, chocolates and games.
Christmas Trees at Chichester Hall Residential Home in Wigton Fireplace at Chichester Hall Residential Home in Wigton Christmas Trees at Chichester Hall Residential Home in Wigton
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Festive Activities at at Chichester Hall Residential Home in Wigton

At party time Shirley and Sadie were the ‘warm up act’ on the 17th of December. They dressed as elves and got everyone in the Christmas spirit with games quizzes and songs. John entertained everyone with music and dance, the day ended with a Christmas tea. It was a lovely happy atmosphere and all joined in the carol singing at the end of a busy but enjoyable few hours.

The Big Day Itself at December 2020 at Chichester Hall Residential Home in Wigton

Christmas morning was hectic, with opening of presents and glasses of sherry. Staff had major task on their hands trying to keep residents from eating too many chocolates before lunch – not always with success!
All the staff worked at some point on Christmas Day each working three and a half hours, from 8:00 am till 10:00 pm. It ensured that everyone spent time with our residents and also quality time with their families. It worked very well and was well worth the effort of all staff.
Christmas lunch it was a grand affair! With crackers and fancy hats, with traditional roast Turkey with all the trimmings! Plum pudding with Brandy sauce, traditional Cumbrian trifle or fresh fruit to follow. There was also a roast beef alternative, and by the time of the Queen’s speech many were having a well earned nap !!
A buffet tea was served at 5:00 pm. By supper time there was very little appetite for more food. Hot chocolate with marshmallows and Christmas cookies were on offer. These were most enjoyed.
Christmas Dining Table at Chichester Hall in Wigton

Our amazing and special residents at Chichester Hall Residential Home in Wigton

We had two ladies who joined us before the Holidays for respite care. Both said they were thrilled with their Christmas Day and all that was on offer. They both live alone and were very complimentary about the home, the staff, the entertainment and all the Christmas food on offer
One of them, a charming lady, who we will call Mrs E B. Mrs E B relayed stories of her Holidays in Vancouver Island and Australia. Mrs E.B wrote a poem about Australia which had been published. She is very proud of her achievement and the certificate she was awarded. Permission was given for me to share the poem. This lady says she’s had a good life and enjoyed her role as a receptionist at the doctors surgery years ago. She also recalls being a receptionist at a local hotel. The hotel was refurbished and was then visited by the late Princess Margaret. Princess Margaret had opened a nearby Abbey at Abbey Town. M E B had the great honour of escorting the Princess to her room! Mrs E B says she was very friendly towards her and a lovely lady. It was a very proud moment for her and a treasured memory.


It was a day in late December, when beneath a Sky of blue
I stretched upon the green grass, and thoughts flew home to you,
I thought of dear old England, beginning now to freeze,
While here is the sun shines warmly, and birds sing in the trees,
This really is a lovely land with trees and shrubs and flowers,
With fascinating animals, And heavy thunder showers
With blue gums pointing upwards, to a bluer a Sky above,
And people who give kindness, help, friendliness and love,
We will soon fly home to England to those for whom we care,
But part of us will always stay….  with you …Australia Fair       Written by (By E.B.)
It is quite humbling when residents talk about their lives what they’ve done and what they’ve seen. One person starts to reminisce and others join in it is truly a privilege to care for these lovely people.

Visitor Pod ready for action!

As soon as the day was over, we were in lockdown again as the new variant of the Corvid virus began to spread. Our visitors hub looks very good. Thanks to Brian! It has been well received, it enables those very special visits between family members. These visits are very important.
Visitors Pod at Chichester Hall Residential Home in Wigton

Brighter News and Hope for 2021

On the 28th we said a temporary farewell to Merrick, who began her maternity leave. We wish her well, and look forward to the ‘new baby’ being safely delivered.
Although the dark days of winter tend to have a negative effect on peoples’ mood, morale has been good at the home. We have seen the first signs of Spring in the grounds, the tulip, daffodil snowdrop shoots are peeping through! We look forward to sharing the displays with you all later in the year.
The new vaccine will be available early in the new year for all residents and staff. Hopefully, this will  be the beginning of the end of the dreadful virus.
From all at Chichester Hall, we would like to wish everyone a Peaceful and Safe 2021
God Bless
Jenni Wilkinson
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