Colleagues go above and beyond at Axbridge Court Nursing Home in Axbridge

This January saw a very different one from other years at Axbridge Court Nursing Home in Axbridge.  The Covid-19 hit us very badly.  Many residents caught it and were, unfortunately, confined to their rooms.  Many staff also went down with it, as well as lots of staff isolating due to being in contact with an infected person.  There is no denying it has been a tough time.  It was certainly all hands to the pump.  The few staff that remained, took on various roles.  The home Manager, Activities Co-Ordinator and domestics, all adorned in PPE, and were delivering meals to the residents.  Some of our residents were unwell but quite a few tested positive and fortunately had no symptoms.  We managed the outbreak to the highest standard possible under the circumstances.

Managing things through at Axbridge Court

It was upsetting for all of us, as residents were confined to their rooms.  This was a essential part of our Covid-19 management plan.  Each resident had a designated carer to keep things consistent and for safety.  The residents got through with a smile and there were no complaints despite not seeing loved ones, and not having so much contact with a range of staff.

Testing Times Axbridge Court Nursing Home in Axbridge.

With testing times, the refurbishment of the lounge had to be put on hold.  All the residents are enjoying it greatly.  During January the ‘Shop’ trolley had to come to a halt.  This was greatly missed by our residents.  We look forward to getting it going again soon.

The ‘New Normal’ at Axbridge Court Nursing Home in Axbridge

Thankfully, by the end of the month things had started to return to some kind of new ‘normality’.  Some more staff returned, while others still isolated.  Despite this, residents were still looked after to the usual high standard.  It was wonderful to see appetites returned so residents could start enjoying our wonderful home cooked food again.

Lounge make over restarted

Finally, the lounge refurbishment started again.  Various members of staff were able to go and visit residents in their rooms.  It was delightful to chat with residents and start enjoying each other’s company again.

The amazing colleagues at Axbridge Court Nursing home dug deep, and we have come through the other side.  We are totally in awe of our amazing colleagues at Axbridge Court Nursing home in Axbridge. We are so thankful to everyone for their support and kindness during these testing times.

Roll on February!

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