February at Axbridge Court Nursing Home in Axbridge.

After a challenging few months, Light is beginning to show at the end of the tunnel at Axbridge Court!
February started with lots of colour with fresh flowers. The residents had a lovely time smelling the flowers that we arranged in vases. Lots of discussion ensued about different flowers and plants. What residents used to grow and what their favourites were. We have lots of green fingers in house! We kept some flowers back and several of the residents enjoyed arranging them in flowers presses. Later laminated and displayed on our activity board for all to enjoy.

The wonder of nature at Axbridge Court Nursing Home in Axbridge

Another favourite topic of conversation followed about the weather and how nature is amazing. Such as how things know when to grow at certain times, and things about nature and animals. We discussed the weather being cold and it even started to snow a little! This brought us on to the birds. We talked about how amazing they are being able to fly and the freedom that they have. A few resident said it would be nice to see some more birds around. So, we made some bird feeders using plastic cups, peanut butter and bird seed. We made perches for them and hung them outside the dining room. It was lovely to watch them at meal times, many birds and several robins have been spotted!

Getting competitive at Axbridge Court Nursing Home in Axbridge

It seems quite a few of our residents are quite competitive as one of our activities proved ! As we have lots of green fingered residents we thought they would enjoy planting some sunflowers. This was done with individuals in their rooms and as a group activity. Lots of conversation between everyone to say theirs were going to be the tallest. So the competition was set! Results will be released in a later newsletter.

Good old Scrabble!

Scrabble continues to be a daily favourite for a several of our female residents. Playing lots of games each day. Scrabble is great for the mind and stimulates great conversations with words and their meanings.

Zoom Concert at Axbridge Court Nursing Home in Axbridge

We rounded February off with a zoom concert. This was provided by Sophie from Mini Concerts in our gorgeous lounge. There was lots of singing, clapping, tapping of toes and smiles. A wonderful afternoon!  The singing even continued after the concert!

Roll-on March!

March sees the much needed return of visitors. Each resident will be able to have an inside visit from 1 family member once a week. With the better weather on the horizon, we look forward to being able to welcome many other visitors to our gardens.
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