A crafty and sensory type of week at Belmont this week! The residents made bird houses out of recycled milk cartons. The residents achieved this by colouring in the milk carton and then cutting out holes for the windows and a door. Once this was achieved, we put in hay, then hung them up in the garden. The residents really enjoyed doing them, they walking down to the garden to hang them in the trees.

We have found that here at Belmont, we have lots of artistic residents and Many appear to love arts & crafts, now having the space on the dining room tables, our residents did some lovely art work, which you can find dotted around the home. A Belmont still remain in lockdown, friends and family still haven’t been able to visit love ones, and we’ve been doing all we can to accommodate contact and emotional well being visits, on Thursday one resident’s cat visited the home and spend time with their owner.

The smiles, the laughter and the happiness of our residents is a gift.

More letters and cards sent out to family members on Thursday.

Lots of time was spent out in the garden again this week, with lots of fresh air, sun, sand and sea air. How you ask? Well, we brought the seaside to Belmont!
Residents enjoyed placing their feet in sand, and listening to the sound of the sea
& fish and chips for lunch!

Ice cream to finish of the day, one resident had 5!!

The residents of the gardening club watered the plants.

The residents helped Emma make their own pizza’s for tea which they all enjoyed ham and cheese was the most popular with the residents.

The theme of the summer continued into the weekend with lots of good weather and tranquillity, and playing with our senses!.

The sounds of the sea playing on the speaker, sand boxes with scented sand and items from the beach, the sensory experience was enjoyed by many in the dining area and extension lounge. This created a lovely calming atmosphere.

On Sunday the tranquillity was still present throughout Belmont, this meant there were no takers for my exercises, as planned! Instead there was an opportunity for more tailored activities.
Several residents enjoyed a quiet read from a selection of books, some enjoyed a puzzle, while a couple enjoyed a trip down memory lane with a rummage box.

There was I went a few games noughts and crosses is the favourite they are all very good at it! Emma reports that “they like beating me as I am not very good”