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Axbridge Court Nursing Home
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Yes, we all know this cheerful song performed for so many years by the wonderful Morecambe and Wise, and singing it on a beautiful sunny day sitting in the garden, with a cup of tea or coffee to hand, gives joy that we all need under the hard circumstances of the coronavirus lockdown and its associated restrictions. Birds’ songs and a gentle, warm breeze only add to the feeling of wellbeing.


So it is, with all the lovely weather we have been having of late, that Axbridge Court’s residents have been getting outside in order to do their special activities in the attractive garden area that we are so fortunate to have. Residents have said that this has been a wonderful experience, and certainly there have been plenty of smiles to reflect that.

An added benefit has been that we have been able to persuade a number of residents who usually stay in their bedrooms to join us outside. This has been pleasant both for the outdoor regulars, as it has meant new company for them, and for the normally bedroom-bound residents who have found themselves enjoying the sharing of thoughts and feelings. 


Unfortunately, under the lockdown restrictions it has not been possible to invite any entertainers into the home for the musical, acting and other performances that we normally enjoy – but, with absolutely wonderful timing, a new staff member turns out to be able to entertain us! Abi plays the violin and, on a suitably sunny afternoon, she has already played some lovely folk tunes for us in the garden.


We have been able to keep ourselves stimulated with our regular homemade activities, preferred sessions including bingo, word games, quizzes, skittles, singalongs, memory games, reminiscence discussions, storytelling, poetry readings, art therapy and classical music. And of course, we have been able to celebrate a number of residents’ birthdays, with goodies including birthday cake never failing to materialise from the kitchen.


On 23 April we celebrated an extra birthday, that of the famous playwright, William Shakespeare. There is some controversy over this, as the actual day of his birth in April 1564 is not recorded, but it is believed by many that his death, on 23 April 1616, was on his 52nd birthday. So whether or not we were marking his birthday as well as commemorating his death, we felt it was a great excuse for a super cream tea made by our great chef Angela. Appropriately there were readings of some Shakespeare sonnets, followed by a quiz for which Abi kindly stayed on for an hour and residents proved willing to read out some of the questions for once! 


The swopping of well-wishing cards between residents and children have stopped for the moment,

 but we are considering a resumption of this in the near future. We still enjoy the lovely, thoughtful messages and pictures presented to us by the children with, for instance, their rainbow pictures still gracing the lounge windows. We all agree that we need to think positive and hope that we are going to get over this hard time before too long, and that our lives will be able to return to normal, or very nearly so.

As such, we will work hard together to keep our spirits up until we can get over this dreadful, frustrating time, emerging from it healthy and able at last to see again our families and friends, who hopefully will also come through it fit and well.

Tunde Novak

Activities Co-ordinator

27 April 2020

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