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Belmont House
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The Good Old Days

I recently purchased several items that the residents would have used in the “Good Old Days”, an old telephone, which I tried to get them to make calls on, a vintage radio, which we tried to tune in. These items were trying to get our residents to reminisce. Asking if they could ring someone up, they have been attempting to turn the dial and wait for an answer.

Tea for Two

On the 1st of October, our local Military Museum organised a tea party for ex-servicemen and women. I arranged for one of the residents to go, we both had a lovely time, enjoying our cream tea and making new friends while doing a small quiz.

Bring me sunshine

Every week we have a film afternoon, but on the 4th of October, we had a comedy afternoon. I bought a Morcombe and Wise series DVD, a lot of fun and laughter was heard, and we all sang “Bring me sunshine”.

The Power of Music

Every day I offer all our residents music they like, and this is done via the use of portable CD players, it’s the homes version of a silent disco. Fingers and toes tap along to the music they enjoy. This is beneficial to the individual and doesn’t disturb others who get upset by the noise.

Our Feline Visitor

On Wednesday, the 9th of October, Mog the cat came to the home. Mog is a therapy cat, and all our residents love him. He was taken round with his owner Veronica. Some of our residents associate Mog being the pet they used to have and love the purrs he gives them.

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