We have had a busy time at Ferns with our activities over the last month.


Every week, both Kate and Karen have provided Flexercise, which is a wheelchair-based exercise class. It can last anything from 10 to 60 minutes, depending on how our lovely residents feel. We use socks as weights and have our gym routine, which gets everyone moving, but we always end with relaxation music.


Julia, a singing therapist who is always great fun, has also provided some entertainment. She’s especially good at getting us all to warm our voices up for a good old sing-song. Living waters our regular Christian singing group have been keeping us in touch with their hymns along with our monthly visit by Father David for Holy Communion.


We have held our weekly Quiz with great success, it always goes down well, and everyone is very competitive. Weekly bingo also had so many winners with happy faces and great prizes. Some other games our residents have shared include scrabble, triominoes and throwing games. We have also been enjoying regular games of word from a word, in which we aim for at least a hundred words. So many people get involved, and it becomes quite interesting watching everyone try to beat last weeks scores. Really gets the brain working!

Enjoying the sun

We’ve also enjoyed sitting in the garden, enjoying the sunshine and admiring the flowers growing in the pots, we all planted these while having a friendly chat over a cuppa. Our residents loved this because it brings back memories of being at home.

That’s all for this month.

Regards The Activity Team.