Learning about Calligraphy

On Thursday, 26th September, we gathered around the dining room table to learn about the history of calligraphy. We discovered how monks used it in medieval times to decorate their manuscripts. They worked painstakingly to ensure each letter was accurate and attractive. 

We were then ready to have a go at doing it ourselves. We started with some simple letters, and the results produced were fantastic. After completing our letters, we moved on to calligraphy drawing. This part of the activity was a resounding success, and we all had a go at drawing a magnificent and handsome peacock.

It was wonderful to be joined for this activity by one of our super volunteers. Clive makes a real difference to Hillview, and his dedication to the residents is fantastic.

Memory table

We finished the activity with a prayer and some bible readings, concentrating on chapters from the Gospel of John and the Gospel of Mark. This was a super way for our residents to gain some spiritual nourishment, and we have decided to make this a regular occurrence. With respect to this, we have also recently developed a memory table where residents, family, friends and staff can share special memories and prayers for their loved ones. 

Our herbs are growing…

We have started to cultivate some herbs which are nestled safely in our indoor garden. It is early days, but we’ve already got 4 out of 8 pots to germinate. Herbs that have been planted include basil, spearmint, thyme, and fennel.

LP morning

We had a super time on Tuesday looking through our LP collection and choosing some enjoyable music to listen to. This ranged from brass bands, Buddy Holly, Des O’Connor and Shirley Bassey! Great fun was had by all.

Upcoming tea party

We also have a tea party coming up on 8th November, see image below for details.