World Smile day – Bringing bad jokes, smile mosaics and plenty of laughter

We have had a very creative month here at Hillview Nursing home in Burnham on Sea. Friday 2nd October brought us World Smile day. The residents all worked together to create a giant smile mosaic, adding their names around the edge of each part they made. It was lovely to see it evolve over the two days. After, we put it up on display in our lounge. we think it worked well to make us all smile.

Fun and laughter at Hillview Nursing Home in Burnham on SeaFun and laughter at Hillview Nursing Home in Burnham on Sea

Harvest festival week- Showing our true Somerset heritage

Tuesday 6th October was the start of harvest festival week at Hillview. We started the week off with traditional harvest hymns such as; All Creatures of our God and King, All Good Gifts, All Things Bright and Beautiful, Bringing in the Sheaves and Bountiful Harvest.

During the harvest festival week, we stepped out of Somerset and went more exotic with our own bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables for everyone to try. We enjoyed the different taste and textures.  It was a great addition to our already hearty meals served throughout the day.

Harvest at Hillview Nursing Home in Burnham on Sea

An abundance of awesome autumnal activities

No spiders can be found here at Hillview Nursing Home in Burnham on Sea . Our lovely staff spent their free time on the hunt for conkers in the local parks. We must say, they have been harder to find than usual this year. But we managed it and together we created a lovely conker heart feature for the wall.

Spiders at Hillview Nursing Home in Burnham on Sea

After our successful recycled bird feeders last month, we decided to give toilet roll recycling art another go. This time we made 3D fish. (online picture for representation) The residents cut them to shape, decorated them and we have saved them to make a display another time.

Creative art at Hillview Creative art at Hillview

All aboard the flying Scotsman at Hillview Nursing Home in Burnham on Sea 

Bringing back wonderful memories of riding the steam train.  This product is from the Active Minds company.  It allowed us to hear all the sounds that would have been heard on a real life trip including the coal being shovelled etc.

Each section of the CD came with a matching scent that we could all smell. Such as smoke pellet- for when the train takes off down the tracks, interior- for when we take our seats and seaside-for once we reach our destination at the beach.

It gave us all a great talking point for reliving previous adventures, why we went on train trips, family members that worked on them, how much the tickets would cost etc. Lovely experience that I am sure we would all like to take part in again.

Virtual trip on the Flying Scotsman

Halloween at Hillview Nursing Home in Burnham on Sea 

The final week of October has certainly been a busy one. Pumpkins and the colour orange have been seen A LOT. Monday 26th October started the week by making Halloween themed pom-pom’s including…yes, you’ve guessed it, a pumpkin.  Have a look at our facebook page to see more

Following that we coloured some pumpkins and drew our own spooky faces.  We put them for display around our notice board.

We ended the week with Chocolate and of course orange muffins adding our own decorations. They were a lovely sweet treat to complete our harvest and Halloween month.

Halloween at Hillview Nursing Home