Perhaps it’s the spring winds looming around the corner that is making our residents show more of an interest in art and Susannah Crook. Susannah is an artist from Weston-Super-Mare who came along on the 4th of March to teach us more about the tricks of creative art and how we can express our thoughts and emotions through it.

We placed a big table in the middle of the lounge, on which Susannah placed her art equipment, and each participant was encouraged to draw the sky, a tree and a bird with crayons, and to use these artistic expressions to link with their own life experiences.

In a similar vein, we now have in the foyer a watercolour tree painting from South Devon artist Harriet. Onto its branches, we want to pin signed paintings or drawings of birds from art-orientated residents so that the artwork becomes the home’s own family tree.

Market Day!

Meanwhile, every first Saturday is the market day in Axbridge. On the 7th of March, thankfully a dry day, carer Josh and I managed to take a couple of residents who use wheelchairs down to the main square where the market takes place. We were there before lunch, and the ladies were excited as probably they had not been in a market for years.

We duly tasted Somerset cheeses, which were delicious, eyed meats, vegetables, cakes and flowers, enjoyed the company of those around us and of course bought a few bits to take home! These included shortbread and some olives with dried tomato.

Future Events!

Events coming up include music with Maria, our favourite singer, who will be “coming around the mountains” to Axbridge Court Nursing Home on 10 March to sing more beautiful songs. Susannah will make a return visit on 16 March, and another entertainment is earmarked for 20 March.

Mothering Sunday Lunch

Finally, we are inviting all daughters and sons of residents to join us for lunch on the 22nd of March, Mothering Sunday. We hope to make it a day full of love and fun!

Tunde Novak

Activities Co-ordinator