Staying Safe at Elizabeth House and Moorfields Care Home in Bury

Here is the August Catch up with Elizabeth House and Moorfields Care Home in Bury. We hope everyone is staying safe during this hard time.  We are staying vigilant in trying to keep our Home Covid free.  So far we have done an exceptional job and have stayed 100% free.  We even asked our residents to give their very own covid advice to their family and friends.

It can be hard for our residents at times as they are unable to see their loved one’s face to face, so we try and boost morale where possible. We are supporting our residents to partake in video and telephone calls to keep in touch with their loved ones. We have recently celebrated a couple of birthdays, one being a special one at 80!

Celebrations at Elizabeth House and Moorfields Care Home in Bury

Our lovely admin Sarah put her baking skills to good use and made the most amazing, baileys themed cake for our 80th birthday party and yes, it tasted as good as it looks!  We also threw a fantastic party for one of our ladies 90th birthdays and yes, there was more cake – delicious! We have had birthday parties galore this month. As you can see from the photo’s, Ian and Pat are just as loved up as ever and Ian even got a cheeky birthday kiss!

Kiss at Elizabeth House and Moorfields Care Home in Bury

Music at Elizabeth House and Moorfields Care Home in Bury

Our residents really love listening to music and often get up and have a little dance.  The residents were particularly keen on ‘Songs that won the war’ this always raises spirits and smiles all round! We had a visit from our usual entertainer Ian Jenkins – which took place in the front garden. Ian was being blown away by the wind, whilst we were cosy and warm watching through the window. Ian has some new fans, as passers by beeped their horns and cheered him on!

Sunny Days at Moorfields

We had a lovely afternoon at Moorfields when the sun was shining (for once!). We sat outside on the patio with a pimms, listening to music and reminiscing about summer holidays we have had over the years with our loved ones.

Sunny Days Elizabeth House and Moorfields Care Home in Bury

Pamper Days

We are all missing our weekly hairdresser visits at Elizabeth House and Moorfields. The staff have developed new found skills in hairdressing and have been keeping us up to date in blowdrys! We all enjoy having our nails manicured, even the boys!

Its Eyes down at Elizabeth House

Weekly bingo is going strong here at Elizabeth House. Care Home in Bury  Everyone joins in and has a thoroughly good time.  Winners get chocolate and a whole host of other goodies.  Bingo is a great activity for engagement and stimulation from which everyone benefits.

Other August Activities at Elizabeth House and Moorfields Care Home in Bury

This month we have been keeping our residents entertained with a wide range of activities.  We have our regular baking day where we made chocolate chip cookies, rainbow cookies and fairy cakes – the home smelt absolutely gorgeous.  All the residents and staff thoroughly the fruits of our labour. Residents love to reminisce about days of baking at home and being at home with parents…

At Moorfields this month, we had a fish and chip party.

This obviously took place on a Friday – I mean, is there any other day to eat fish and chips? We ate our fish and chips from newspaper and reminisced about old times, sat on the seafront at Blackpool and Scarborough! All washed down with an ice-cold shandy and enjoyed by all.

At Elizabeth House, we had a little furry visitor. Lola, a Shitzu visited us and provided us all with much needed cuddles and a few unprecedented licks! All of our residents loved having Lola to visit and we all talked about pets we have had over the years!

Elizabeth House and Moorfields Care Home in BuryLola at Elizabeth House and Moorfields Care Home in BuryLola, a Shitzu at Elizabeth House and Moorfields Care Home in Bury

Lola at Elizabeth House and Moorfields Care Home in Bury Lola at Elizabeth House and Moorfields Care Home in Bury

We have also had numerous buffet parties. Some of these parties were to celebrate birthdays within the home and some were just to enjoy and have fun with our friends.

Elizabeth House and Moorfields Rocks and assists in record breaking attempts!

We have really enjoyed a new activity this month of rock painting.  A local company (happy to name them if they would like to be named) provided with rocks for the residents to paint with any design of their choice.  They were then been picked up and varnished.  Poceeding that they were placed on a local popular walking spot called Tottington Lines.  This is where the community has pulled together to create ‘Tottington Snake’ of painted rocks, a world record attempt hoping to be broken for the length of rocks laid!

VE Activities in May

We have missed a few months news updates as we have been super busy with all that’s happening at the moment but we wanted just to recap on our VE Activities in May.  Working with a local pub,  who provided us with afternoon tea and also a virtual music matinee. Our residents loved singing along to old songs and having a baileys to wash down all of the delicious cakes.

2020 has been challenging for us all, staff and residents, here are a few pictures and highlights from Christmas 2019 to present day including the virtual matinee for VE day, who doesn’t like a good sing along!

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