Autumn begins at Chichester Hall exquisite residential and nursing care home in Cumbria.

Here we are at the end of another month, it is hard to believe we are fast approaching Autumn, having in effect, lost Spring and Summer, due to the Pandemic, and all that it has thrown our way at Chichester Hall exquisite residential and nursing care home in Cumbria.

We are relieved and thankful that so far we have come through the last 6 months unscathed, we will be steadfast in our efforts to make sure it continues, and that our lovely residents are kept safe and that our team remain well and able to continue their sterling effort of keeping Chichester Hall COVID-19 free

All residents are tested every 28 days and staff weekly, all tests have come back negative again on the last round of testing

Visitors return to Chichester Hall exquisite residential and nursing care home in Cumbria

It has been lovely to see visitors coming into the home again, even though it continues to be by appointment, and are pleased that on the whole the weather has been kind to us, and families could meet in the garden, which has been at it’s most colourful, some of the plants and shrubs have been specifically chosen by our residents and we are so pleased that they are able to enjoy the garden, hopefully the plants and flowers have stirred happy memories of their own gardens

Outdoor area at Chichester Hall exquisite residential and nursing care home in Cumbria.

We have had a new addition to our garden, a ‘water fountain’, which we bought with money donated by  Carrs’ Flour Mills in Silloth, we thank them very much for their kindness, we are also grateful to the Rotary Club in Silloth and the Rugby Club for their generous gifts for residents and staff during the Pandemic.

We have witnessed great acts of kindness during the last few months, flowers left on the doorstep, ‘Thank You’ cards from strangers, family members and neighbours sending good wishes, the Town Mayor, Tony Markley, calling to see if we had everything we needed, they all mean so much to us all, we thank each and everyone of them from the bottom of our hearts, it was quite a humbling experience.

We were sad to have our Cook Irene retire, she had been with us for over 10 years, it was quite a tearful goodbye, and sorry that her retirement was so low key due to restrictions imposed on us, Irene asked if she could provide a buffet tea for everyone, it was a lovely thought, and enjoyed by all, she will be missed especially her super, ‘Sticky Toffee Pudding and Yummy Sauce’, everyone wishes Irene a very Happy Retirement.

New technology at Chichester Hall exquisite residential and nursing care home in Cumbria

The ‘Whatsapp’ proved beneficial for our  residents, it did take a while for them to understand the concept, but it did give them a boost when visiting was dramatically curtailed, Thanks to all who kept in touch by telephone, letters and cards, they were appreciated by those who received them

The virtual Ward Rounds by the local G.P. surgery enabled the Doctors to assess and treat our residents where necessary, and the support from all other agencies has been exceptional, and an integral part of the Health and Well-being of our residents

The V.E. day celebrations were organised by staff, the Hall was decorated inside and out with Red, White and Blue, flags, bunting and balloons, for the occasion

We all enjoyed a ‘fire side tea’ with music and songs from the war years, sang with gusto!,  The sunset over the Solway was particularly spectacular in the evening, and we all had a quiet moment of reflection, as we gathered in the large bay window overlooking the sea and the Galloway hills to watch the last rays disappear on the horizon, a beautiful end to a special day.

The Bluebell Wood adjacent to the secure garden was home to a pair of nesting Sparrow Hawks, the cries of the young soon frightened off our resident garden birds, Robins, Blackbirds, Thrushes, Wrens, and Blue tits.

Although their flights when starting to fledge were stunning, the Dawn Chorus of our usual inhabitants fell silent, which was a great shame, as were the antics of our family of squirrels, who also disappeared, now the Hawks have gone, some of the garden birds are starting to return, but not in the numbers as before.  The swallows have nested in the stable block as usual, and are now preparing for their long journey back to South Africa in September, another signs of Autumn just round the corner

Our usual activity programme, with visiting entertainers has been on hold, but staff have stepped up and entertained as ‘stand ins’

Afternoon of cakes like ‘Mother used to Make’ at Chichester Hall.

Our Cakes like ‘Mother used to Make’ afternoon was a great hit, with scones, biscuits, buns and pastries, all made by residents with the support of staff , it was good to see how residents remembered how to mix, and roll pastry, making sure staff did it the ‘right’ way, they were justly proud of their efforts, and loved the compliments at tea time.

baking at Chichester Hall exquisite residential and nursing care home in Cumbria

The bingo afternoon was also great fun, but ended with everyone getting a prize, donated by staff, as the numbers were read out, one of our residents shouted ‘don’t be stupid, 7 and 5 isn’t 75 its 12’ after that they were all adding the numbers together as they were called, it descended into chaos, but with much hilarity

Our poetry afternoon was rather more serious, but good fun nevertheless, we decided to write a poem for the home:

Proud of our Cumbria

With all the lakes and fells
Set against the raging sea
Our home of peace and tranquillity
And as we sit here in the sunset glow
We thank the Lord for those we know
Every so often we had a titter
With ditties you could not put on Twitter

Although it has been a very difficult and challenging few months, the staff at Chichester Hall have gone the ‘extra mile’, to ensure our residents remained happy and safe and free of the dreaded virus, Morale has been excellent, everyone supporting each other and the Manager along the way.

We owe a debt of gratitude to family members for their continued support and patience during a long separation from loved ones

‘Special people in a Special Place’ at Chichester Hall

Churchlake Care have also been ultra supportive during this time, taking over the home just as lockdown was being introduced, they have been in regular contact via, teams, email and calls, it is reassuring to know that now, as part of the larger Churchlake family, Chichester Hall, set in such a beautiful location, so far away, are very much in their thoughts, we thank them all here at Chichester Hall exquisite residential and nursing care home in Cumbria

We will be producing monthly updates from now on regarding what’s happening at Chichester Hall exquisite residential and nursing care home in Cumbria.  You can keep up with these on our website page on facebook, so like us if you can!

Jenni Wilkinson