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Axbridge Court Nursing Home
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There are lots of exciting updates in this month’s Care Home Activities News from Axbridge Court Nursing Home!

Spring is nearly sprung

March is in bloom, and all the lovely colours are beginning to appear, notably the beautiful purples, pinks and creams of the magnolias. A much-needed tonic in difficult times and good for the mind and soul.

Popular entertainer returns

Good for the mind and soul was the visit on the 10th of March by actress and singer Maria, a previous hit here at Axbridge Court and a favourite throughout Somerset. She ‘came around the mountains’ – well, some hills anyway – to join us and duly produced magical entertainment. Her beautiful voice could be heard throughout the building as she contributed her own springtime boost, her love songs, in particular, touching the hearts of all.

Improving artistic skill

Artist Susannah Crook returned to the home for the second time in March, after proving popular with her style of teaching participants how to use the tools of art well to express themselves effectively. The first time around it was drawing with crayons, but this time we worked in paint, with some talented results. As Susannah was with us on the 16th of March, the day before St Patrick’s Day, everyone turned their hand to painting colourful Irish shamrocks – to a background of gentle Celtic music, naturally!

Riverdance screening

St Patrick’s Day (17th March) was also a great time to enjoy a screening of Riverdance, the theatrical show featuring Irish music and dance. The video was delightful, everyone agreeing that the music and dancing movement was beautiful, with great rhythm. There may not have been any popcorn, but crisps, cakes, tea and coffee bolstered the audience.

Cards sent and received

As the coronavirus Covid-19 emerged as a major threat in Britain this month, we decided to create some cards to send to other nursing homes, expressing our empathy toward all care home residents and staff who face the same challenges and necessary sacrifices for our health and wellbeing, like not seeing family and friends. The move was inspired by a brilliant idea by Tricia, Manager at Axbridge Court, to get her friends’ children to send specially worked pictures and messages to the home’s residents. They may not be able to see their loved ones for a while, but to receive a lovely card from a stranger is a wonderful thing.

Family tree grows

The foyer’s recently installed watercolour tree painting, from South Devon artist Harriet, is slowly becoming the more personalised home family tree that we want, as residents pin signed paintings or drawing of birds on the tree’s branches. Keep the birdies coming!

Home-created activities

Sadly the coronavirus situation affects not only visits by family and friends but also those by outside entertainers. We have had to cancel performances by accordionist David and the Boogie Beat children’s music and dance group, and of course, our Mother’s Day lunch could not take place without family members. But our regular internal activities continue – word and board games, world travels in music and pictures, singalongs, skittles, gentle exercises, etc. We will endeavour to make sure that there is a choice of activities that meets the varying mental and physical capacities represented in the home.

Proverbs, riddles and quizzes

Run daily and well attended, these are a real glue for residents at the home, bringing broad stimulation in knowledge and memories, and often starting discussions on all sorts of topics. Questions go from easy to hard and are sometimes combined with ball games – the person who catches the ball gets to answer the question. Poems and story-telling These are enjoyable sessions in which residents take pleasure in listening to others or performing readings themselves. The material is usually thought-provoking, and the readings engender respect amongst residents for each other’s abilities.

Classical composers

Another popular session where we listen to music and talk about the composer and his/her background. Sometimes discussions are linked with our map game.


The time-honoured game that never fades! It’s once a week on Fridays and popular, with suitable food prizes for winners.


Particularly useful for those with memory loss, these sessions directly encourage residents to recall life experiences going all the way back to childhood and to discuss them together.

Gardening club

This is the chance to get outside and plant some lovely flowers – great with Spring arriving. Tulips are not just from Amsterdam; they’re also from our garden or pots!

Tunde Novak

Activities Co-ordinator

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