What a mixed month we have had here in Wigton! From heavy rain for days and cold nights, to temperatures in the mid-twenties and balmy nights. Mother Nature is keeping us on our toes!

Garden and wildlife

The garden has flourished and so have the weeds, which are taking a great deal of time to dispose of, but luckily this year the garden and surrounding woodland is full of bird song. Last year the small garden birds disappeared with the arrival of the nesting hawks in our woodland area, so we are blessed with a beautiful ‘dawn chorus’ and twilight bird song this year.

Two families of blackbirds are nesting in the garden, and parents are busy gathering food for their off- spring. They are becoming quite tame, in their never-ending hunt for titbits.

Residents are taking great delight in their antics during the warm weather, and they too are taking full advantage of the garden, to sit and have coffee and refreshing cool drinks. Sunscreen is always to hand as are the garden umbrellas and large straw hats for protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

Visits in the sunshine!

We have been using the garden area for outdoor visits during the recent spell of warm dry weather, this has been very popular with everyone and a nice change from the visiting room which we use on colder days. Although visiting restrictions have eased, we are still in a Pandemic, and with the increase in the Indian variant around the country we are aware of the need to be vigilant in order to keep all who live and work at the home safe. We remain COVID free thankfully, with regular testing of staff and residents and all visitors have to have a negative test result prior to visiting their loved ones.

Welcome back

John our entertainer also tests prior to joining us, social distancing is observed and the residents have welcomed John back – it has been a long time since he was able to sing and play for them.

We also saw the return of Sarah our hairdresser – she spent two days trimming, cutting and styling, the results were fabulous and everyone looks smart with their new hairstyles! Sarah is very popular and sociable, she chats and takes a genuine interest in everyone. She returned after a few days to introduce her puppy who had been quite unwell. She was an instant hit with most of our residents, although one or two were a little reserved.

Hello…and Goodbye

Chichester Hall has welcomed new friends this month. Arthur has decided to stay permanently and has many interesting tales to tell. He loves to watch the beautiful sunsets over the Solway Firth.

We also welcomed Pat, Marion and James who came for a little holiday. Besides watching the wildlife from his window, James also enjoys the stunning sunsets over the  sea, we hope they enjoy their time with us. James is a very fit 101 years young gentleman, he also has many wonderful stories to relate about his time in the forces, this time of year is very special to him.

We said goodbye to a member of staff this month, Michelle, who left us for pastures new – we wish her well for the future. We would also like to officially welcome our newest members of the team – Clare and Abbie – we hope they enjoy being part of the Churchlake Care family.

Birthday celebration

Ella celebrated her birthday this month, we all enjoyed a beautiful buffet tea for the occasion with a robust singing of ‘Happy Birthday’ as she cut her birthday cake.

Thank you

We have had some extra help this month with Lauren making mouth-watering cakes and cheesecakes, Lou buying plants for the garden and Darryl preparing the polytunnel for what we hope to be a bumper harvest of tomatoes and home-grown vegetables! We thank them all for their kindness and hard work.

Remembering Paul

Everyone at Chichester Hall would like to pay tribute to our dear friend Paul, who passed away earlier in the week. He had been a resident for a number of years and he was a kind  and gentle soul. Paul was a Maths Professor and had books published on the subject, he had had a very interesting life. He was well loved by his family and a very much loved and respected member of the Chichester/Churchlake Care family, we will miss him very much, and are proud to have known him.

As we leave May behind for another Year, we plan barbeques, trips out in the company mini- bus, the return of Shirley and Memory Matters and the continued refurbishment of the home in June. We will have lots to update you on in the next Newsletter!

And finally…..our apologies

We had a few gremlins in our telephone system in May, hopefully these are now fixed but we do apologise for any inconvenience this has caused, and we do assure you of our best attention at all times.

Thank you for reading and as always our love and best wishes to you all.

Jenni and everyone at Chichester Hall