Christmas at Axbridge

Axbridge Court Nursing Home
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Oh, the joys of Christmas!

Love, fun, feelings for one another – all these things, essential to the spirit of Christmas, were part of a special mood that ran through Axbridge Court Nursing Home in the period leading up to Christmas – and when the festivities got into full swing, they did not disappoint.

With decorations all in place, a stream of performers entertained us regularly as Christmas approached. Things kicked off on 11 December with a visit by Flashback Theatre, who perform using music and dance, costumes and props.

They were followed by the Boogie Beats children’s group from Cheddar. Children’s singing can touch our hearts like nothing else, and these young performers certainly did that.

Christmas would not be Christmas, of course, without a service for those who hold the Christian faith. Tim, from the local church, duly held Holy Communion for those who wished to worship and honour the love and sacrifice of Christ.

Then came the Christmas Party on 20 December, to which we welcomed many relatives and friends. Dawn from Cheddar, a fine singer, produced a wonderful collection of carols and other Christmas songs, absolutely right for the occasion.

Afterwards came a buffet with delicious food, raffle prizes and gifts for all; there were enough visitors and residents present for it to be a problem finding an empty chair!

A final entertainment occurred just before Christmas, with another great singer, Maria, appearing on 23 December to perform her own collection of Christmas songs. Her voice reached out to the heart so well that residents sang freely with her even when they did not know the lyrics!

Christmas Day itself was beautiful, with residents joined by relatives to enjoy an excellent Christmas lunch.

First up on this year’s entertainments list and happening soon is a disco-themed on the music of the 1970s, which should bring back a few dancing and party memories.

In the meantime, Happy New Year everyone!

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