Churchlake Care – Outstanding track record with COVID-19.  It is with great pride and admiration for our colleagues working throughout the UK that we can announce Churchlake Care’s nursing and residential homes have been, and remain, free from COVID-19.  It is testament to the sheer hard work and commitment from all our colleagues employed at Churchlake Care. Our team have gone above and beyond to make sure Churchlake Care’s nursing and residential homes remain safe, whilst maintaining quality of life, and comfort for each and every resident.  Placing a loved one in care during these unprecedented times is fraught with conflicting emotions. It is the balance of knowing that a level of care is required and a need to feel comfortable with your decision. Keep up to date with all news at Churchlake Care at

We have spoken to our some of Home Managers to get insight into why choosing a home in one of  Churchlake Care’s Nursing and Residential Care Homes will always be the right choice for you and your family member.

Tricia Baillie-Horler from Axbridge Court Care and Residential home in Axbridge

‘We have increased infection control procedures and enhanced our cleaning schedule to keep residents safe, including wiping every frequently touched area, such as door handles.  In addition our colleagues being vigilant outside of work, not using public transport where possible, having personal shopping delivered and being aware of the risks.  All our colleagues follow the Government guidelines, wear surgical face masks and follow a strict policy in relation to the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as well as regularly washing hands and using hand sanitising gel.

Other preventative measures from Axbridge Court Care Home in Somerset include being closed to non-essential visitors.  We only allow entry to professionals such as GP’s.  Family members can visit one at a time in special circumstances, but only in the resident’s private room and following a host of measures to keep people safe.  We insist that visitors sign up to track and trace.  We check temperature on arrival and visitors are required to use a one-way system through the home.  Churchlake Care has also provided us with antibody tests for visitors.  These procedures have now become the norm for colleagues and visitors alike.  We are so grateful for everyone getting used to it and just getting on with it!

The entire group of Churchlake Care residential and nursing homes have remained COVID-19 free. We have a rigorous system for residents entering the home, which helps protect everyone.  We ensure new arrivals come into the home with a negative COVID -19 test, then we ‘barrier’ nurse for 14 days to double check no symptoms emerge shortly after admission. All meals are delivered to the resident’s private room and we follow strict infection control protocols.  After the 14 day period of isolation, residents can then freely mix within the home.

Tendai Shuma from Hillview Nursing Home for Residential and Dementia Care Home in Burnham on Sea

‘We were very quick to react to COVID-19 and closed our doors to visitors early on, which I was one of the key factors in our fight against COVID-19 here at Hillview.  It all seemed extreme in the first instance, but we knew we had to take every step necessary to protect our residents and we felt we had to balance the benefit against the risk.  We were supported at every stage from Churchlake Care’s wider team.    All infection control practices were put in place swiftly.  Colleagues are tested weekly and residents monthly.   Our highly skilled staff and their level of commitment has been key to staying COVID -19 free.

Hillview have had residents admitted since COVID -19 began.  Our aim is to help and assist family members every step of the way to reassure them that placing loved ones at this time is safe and that they will be loved and cared for as if they were at home.  We have a full preadmission assessment for new residents.  We go through how we operate and what additional practises we have in place.  Families and representatives are introduced to the professional team.

It has been both challenging and rewarding at Hillview nursing home in Burnham on sea, and we are immensely proud that we have been keeping our team and residents safe throughout the pandemic’

Theresa Bellemy from Ferns Care home in Yeovil talks of becoming one big family in the fight against COVID-19

‘At Ferns Nursing Home we had an enhanced COVID -19 related admissions policy that was put in place prior to lockdown. This swift action meant we were one step ahead of the game in our fight against COVID -19. We closed our doors promptly, which again was key for protecting our residents.

Churchlake Care were very efficient in supplying their Care Homes with PPE and updating our PPE procedures, which also helped our cause greatly.  We cannot praise our colleagues highly enough; they have limited their social lives and made personal sacrifices to keep residents safe.  This included one team member who moved into a caravan to protect residents, colleagues and their own family.  Other key measures include altering the way we came into the premises and restricting movement around the building.  Our colleagues stay in mini bubbles to maximise protection for all.

We feel like a family that has all pulled together here at Ferns Nursing Home in Yeovil.  It has been hard on residents and relatives alike, but we are now very much up and running with more phone calls, echo show video calls, and lots of Facetime calls. Using new technology has been a great way of keeping in touch with loved ones.  The technology was all supplied by Churchlake Care.  We continue to look for innovative ways to improve contact with loved ones.

We are now under a continuous testing programme for staff and residents.  One of our Doctors has said our home is safer than ever as residents do not mix with the general public.   We ensure all new and existing residents are safe by following strict procedures to the highest possible standard.’

Hayley Grocock – Deputy Manager -for Elizabeth House and Moorfields in Bury

‘We undoubtedly owe our COVID -19 free track record to our wonderful colleagues here at Elizabeth House and Moorfields Residential Home in Bury.  They have followed all the guidelines set by local government, national Government and the wider Churchlake Care Group. Our colleagues have been totally committed to our new cleaning regimes, use of PPE etc.  They have continued to stick to our demanding protocols throughout the pandemic.   Closing early to visitors, as instructed by the wider Churchlake Care Group, helped immensely in keeping us COVID-19 free.

Also, we are so thankful to the families who have been very supportive of the restrictions.  We have really enjoyed doing our socially distanced garden visits. We are continuing with our window visits whilst being on the phone and also video calling.  Obviously, nothing beats seeing loved ones, but it has been necessary.  We have also introduced a pen pal scheme for residents.  They have really engaged with this, and it has promoted communication with the wider world.

We are able to take new admissions and offer virtual tours with the entire family so relatives can still get a real feel for our home.  All new residents enter after receiving a negative COVID-19 test.

I’d like to say thank you to our amazing colleagues who have worked so hard here at Elizabeth House and Moorfields Residential Home in Bury.  They have covered shifts, which has meant we haven’t had to use agency staff.  They have gone above and beyond in every way to keep residents and colleagues safe.’

Jenni Wilkinson at Chichester Hall in Cumbria

‘The key to us staying COVID-19 free has been our amazing colleagues, said Jenni from Chichester Hall Residential Home in Cumbria.  Colleagues took the initiative from the outset.  They took on board the understanding and implications of bringing COVID-19 into the home.  Stringent infection control was already in place at Chichester Hall.  The only major change were masks, so stepping up to COVID-19 level, did not feel like a big a leap for us.  When we were in full lockdown visitors were not coming into the home.  Residents did miss loved ones and family, but with the use of Whatsapp and Zoom everyone was smiling again.  We are offering socially distanced visits in our garden room with all COVID-19 considerations in place.

For families looking to place family members at the current time, we are doing our upmost to reassure them. We are reiterating that we have been COVID-19 free since February with strict testing in place.   We are offering personalised virtual tours.  Extensive procedures are in place when accommodating new people.

Overall, it has been a challenging time here at Chichester Hall.  My outstanding team have been proactive right from the start.  Keeping resident’s safe has been absolutely paramount with colleagues making personal sacrifices and social adjustments to lifestyles.  Everyone has been so kind, patient and understanding.  Churchlake Care have been a great support to us.  Always there when we have needed them and have provided anything we have asked for.’

A big thank you from Churchlake Care

Churchlake Care would like to say a massive thank you to all our managers and their amazing teams.  COVID-19 is not going anywhere soon.  During this period we have seen strength of character and immense resilience in our united front against the virus.  If you are looking to place a loved one in these worrying times, look no further than Churchlake Care’s Group of Care and Residential Homes.  The fact that we remain COVID-19 free speaks volumes of our dedication and commitment to residents and their families.

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