Updated on: 9th April 2021

Care Home visiting update

We are delighted that, as from 12th April 2021, two named visitors will be able to come into our Homes for regular visits.

At Churchlake Care Group, we understand that regular visits are very important for maintaining the health and wellbeing of not only our residents but their loved ones too.

Of course, we must continue abide by the Government’s advice and adhere to the following rules in order for the visits to be carried out as safely as possible:

  • Visitors should be tested using rapid lateral flow tests before every visit, they must wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow all other infection control measures in our Care Homes during visits.
  • Visitors and residents are advised to keep physical contact to a minimum. They may wish to hold hands but should bear in mind that any physical contact increases the risk of transmission. For this reason, there should not be close physical contact such as hugging.
  • In addition to their two named visitors, residents with higher care needs can also choose to nominate an essential care giver.
  • Our Care Homes can also continue to offer visits to other friends or family members through arrangements such as outdoor visiting, rooms with substantial screens, visiting pods, or from behind windows.

It is not a condition of visiting that the visitor or the resident should have been vaccinated. However, it is strongly recommended that all visitors and residents take up the opportunity to be vaccinated when they are invited to do so through the national programme.

Churchlake Care Group – Outdoor, pod and screen visits

Outdoor, pod and screen visits continue in line with the published guidance which has been in place during lockdown, meaning there will be chances for residents to see more than just the two people they nominate.

These measures, based on the science and represent a balance between the risk of infections and the importance of visiting for the physical and mental wellbeing of residents and their families. We are pleased to be able to facilitate these visits.

Please contact your loved one’s Care Home to discuss this further and please also be aware that these visits are still subject to our Homes remaining Covid free. Visits are carried out at the discretion of the Manager of each individual Home.

For contact details for each of our Homes please refer to our website: www.churchlakecare.com/contact/

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