Dancing, Walking and Chinese Celebrations at Axbridge Court

Axbridge Court Nursing Home
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Boogie Beat Children’s Group

As we settled into 2020 at Axbridge Court, our first entertainment was provided by the Boogie Beat children’s group, assembled from the local school. Residents were highly impressed at the sight of children of no more than five to six years of age singing and dancing with great aplomb among them.

Local Surroundings

Then, concentrating on our local surroundings, a walk was organized for residents who were able to undertake the exercise by their wheelchairs. We ventured to the main square of Axbridge, a beautiful place and the participating ladies enjoyed the scenery under a clear, sunny sky and with a pleasant (not too cold) breeze.

Cultural Experience

On 24 January came a special cultural experience to mark the Chinese New Year, which was starting on the 25th. Chinese food was brought in from The Dragon House in Cheddar and residents were encouraged to eat, think and talk all things Chinese. Care staff were most supportive in assisting in the ordering of food, looking after residents and generally making sure that everything went well.


In fact during the week leading up to the buffet, we staged sessions discussing the Chinese people and their traditions, accompanied by appropriate music. Of course, it is sad that, in China, so many people have not been able to travel to see their loved ones for the New Year due to restrictions in movement as a result of the corona-virus.

Daily Activities

Meanwhile, our daily activities continue, and it seems that the recently introduced maps game is gaining in popularity. It challenges participants to listen to segments of music, then places them in the countries of their origin and, when I last ran the game with a group of residents, they did extremely

Plans For Next Month

Next month Maria, a great singer who has performed for us before, returns to entertain again. The Boogie Beat group may reappear, and as for home-grown entertainment, a Charlie Chaplin show is
being planned. Sounds fun!

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