Valentine’s activities

It was time for loving memories as Valentine’s Day came upon us this month, so we marked the occasion with some suitably thought-provoking activities. Residents were encouraged to reflect happily about the loves of their lives, whether in the past or active today, and to remember the magical feelings that come with closeness to another soul.

To get the residents into the mood, they were able to watch a romantic movie or play Valentine’s bingo – the choice was theirs.

In addition, Angela, the chef, produced a beautiful cake that we decorated and enjoyed with afternoon tea and coffee. It was so delicious that only crumbs remained on the tray!

Country Music!

Other activities in the first half of February included a return visit by singer Maria, who had performed for us successfully before and entertained us very well again. Performed most appropriately in a cowgirl dress, Maria’s choices of old country songs were just about perfect for the audience, prompting residents to sing along to tunes bringing back joyful memories from younger years.

Boogie Beat

We are hopeful that the local branch of the national Boogie Beat children’s group may also be able to revisit us soon. They have already performed for us twice, and residents have said that they would enjoy yet another rendition of fairy tales expressed through song and dance.

Amongst regular activities, our picture and story sessions are becoming increasingly popular. Steered by the display of an image depicting a given environment and activity, residents are prompted to express thoughts and feelings based on their own experiences in similar situations.

Artist of the Month

Finally, a new addition is the placement on our artboard of Artist of the month, involving a short interview about painting with a member of the home’s art group. Residents are encouraged to take a read!

Tunde Novak

Activities Co-ordinator