Hames Hall Residential Care Home in Cockermouth paying respects to Sir Captain Tom.

Residential Care Home, Hames Hall had lots to celebrate in February including celebrating the life of Sir Captain Tom. We lit a candle and everyone said a prayer for him.

Celebrating The Year of the Ox at Hames Hall Residential Care Home in Cockermouth

On Friday 12th February we celebrated Chinese New Year.
The OX described as being conscientious, reliable, patient, inspiring confidence in others (the qualities of CARE)
Hannah was busy again getting the residents and staff involved in making the Chinese lanterns as part of our activities this month. Hannah also had to ensure we had enough fortune cookies!
Haley did us proud yet again with her delicious Chinese menu:
 Chicken with ginger and spring onions.
Vegetable chow mein
Crispy seaweed
Egg fried rice
Chinese curry sauce
Prawn crackers, followed by hot banana & coconut milk for dessert.
Lots of excitement on opening the fortune cookies:
‘Nothing is impossible to a willing heart’
‘Patience is your alley at the moment’ Don’t worry’
‘Don’t pursue happiness’ ‘create it’
‘You will soon be going to a party’
Some examples of the prophecies which we thought fitting for this moment in time. So pleased to hear about the party as this is what we will be having as soon as restrictions are lifted!!

Valentines at Hames Hall

We celebrated Sunday 14th with a lovely afternoon tea. All the residents received a handmade valentine’s cracker with chocolates inside.

Virtual Poetry

The theme of course was ‘LOVE’
With abstracts from their own chosen poems and their own special thoughts,
Elizabeth, Mary, Vilma, Elsie, Abigail and Lilian all comprised ‘Poems we love about love’.

Elvis at Hames Hall Residential Care Home in Cockermouth

The ‘king of Memphis’ entertained us on Monday 16th February (virtually).  Everyone enjoyed listening to Elvis’s greatest hits while doing their ‘armchair Zumba’.

Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday

Pancakes should be on the menu every day is what our residents declared, they are loved by all. The fillings keep on getting more and more creative:
Peanut butter & banana
Dark and vanilla chocolate with raspberries
Vegan tomato & mushroom
And the well -known favourites of syrup, lemon and sugar.

Residents Meeting at Hames Hall

We had a near full house for this month’s meeting.  Susan chaired the meeting and Abigail was the note keeper.  The main topic of the meeting was the latest government’s announcement. From March 8th that all residents will be able to welcome one member of their family into the home to visit them. This is much welcome news. Despite all the excellent care from our dedicated staff, nothing can replace quality time with loved ones.
The whole Hames Hall family will be aware that we closed our home on the 13th March 2020 to keep everyone safe.
We like to our residents in control.  To find out more about Churchlake Care’s Hames Hall Residential Care Home please go to our web page churchlakecare.com/hames-hall-residential-home/

Our Hames Hall Colleagues – Going above and beyond

The whole staff team have been exemplary in their approach to the well-being of everyone in their care. I have to mention that several staff have done this while undergoing personal worries regarding their own loved ones.
Sadly near the end of the month, after almost twelve month’s we received a positive covid test within the home. Thankfully everyone remained well. We are so grateful that everyone had at least their first vaccine.
Our residents, their families and friends have been so understanding. They have been supportive throughout in showing the staff kindness and positivity.

Birthdays at Hames Hall Residential Care Home in Cockermouth

On a brighter note we celebrated three staff and two resident’s birthdays this month. We look forward to March when a special lady will celebrate her 100th birthday.

With best regards from all at Hames Hall
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