Welcome to Chichester Hall news for July – it has been a quiet month at the Home, but an extremely busy one on the coast here at Skinburness, lots of walkers making their way round to Grune Point, and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with children playing out on the sands at low tide with their dogs, their laughter carrying in the still evening air.

Hot, hot, hot!

It has been very hot, as it has been all over the country, ice creams and cold iced drinks always at the ready for residents and staff. Those who stayed in the lounge enjoyed the cooler air flow from the air conditioning unit, others who were determined to venture out into the garden had sun umbrellas, wide brimmed hats and plenty of sunscreen to protect them. These outdoor visits were time limited which wasn’t always popular but necessary.

With the weather being so calm during July, the sea was often like a mirror, with cloud reflections and once again stunning sunsets. A family of playful porpoise were seen rising out of the still water and diving back down again with hardly a splash!

Gardens and wildlife

Our family of pheasants are still with us, but no further sightings of the young fox cub that visited one late afternoon last month. Apart from swallows flying around all the garden birds have gone again as the Sparrow Hawk chicks, who have been reared in the trees next door to the Hall this year, have been seen swooping and diving trying to catch the pigeons.

The intense heat and lack of rainfall has played havoc with the lawns, the grass has become burned and brown and we are now seeing leaves turning yellow and falling from the trees, could this mean an early and longer Autumn season perhaps?

Brian has been taking advantage of the dry weather to re- paint the fire escape, that is in between constant weeding around the home, he has been kept very busy.

Goodbye and good luck to Hazel

At the beginning of July we said goodbye to Hazel, a member of our Night Staff. Hazel had worked at the home for the best part of 20 years. Flowers, chocolates, wine and other goodies were the order of the day. We set aside time to spend with Hazel reminiscing about the last 20 years, residents that have lived here and spent their last days with us, staff who have come and moved on and staff who have worked with us over the years and who have sadly passed away. It was a bitter sweet hour or so, but we also had some laughter, mainly about the things Hazel has done and said over the years.

For example, Hazel offered to make one of our soldiers for our Scarecrow Festival in 2012  complete with red tunics and bearskin helmets. They lined the drive to the Hall (we had about fifty exhibits in total all over the grounds) and also a Flower Festival indoors. We unfortunately ended up with forty nine and a half exhibits, because when we went to arrange them the night before the festival, Hazel had only stuffed one leg of her magnificent specimen! We had to rush and find extra straw to enable him to stand up and we then knew why Hazel had more straw over her when she was making her soldier!

We will miss her laughter and her bustling around with her polish and duster, but we wish her and Terry a very Long and Happy retirement. On behalf of Churchlake Care thank you for your hard work over the years, Hazel, we wish you well and send our very best wishes for your retirement.


Covid Update

We are happy to report that all staff and residents remain COVID free, with no self- isolation or being ‘Pinged’. We continue with weekly PCR tests as well as regular Lateral Flow Testing. Visiting family members undertake these lateral flow tests in order to keep us all safe and we appreciate their continued support.


We are still recruiting new staff, to replace staff who have left us, and to add to our workforce, so if anyone out there would like to join our team, you would be more than welcome, especially night staff. Just give us a call on 01697 332478 or email jenni.wilkinson@churchlakecare.com

Donations – thank you

We have had some lovely donations of fresh garden produce in the last few weeks, strawberries and raspberries and other delicious fruits and the Silloth Hub kindly donated some beautiful radishes and mushrooms. We thank everyone for their kindness.

Feeling sporty

The Football Euros 2020 were eagerly watched and there was disappointment when England failed to win, but the tennis was a huge hit – one of our lady’s played for the County in her younger years, so she was able to follow her favourite sport. Then it was the turn of the Olympics  – so we have had a very sporty month!

We hope you all stay safe and thank you for taking the time to read ‘our news.’

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With love from Jenni and everyone at Chichester Hall