January News From Chichester Hall Residential Care Home

HELLO From all at Chichester Hall Residential Care Home
We had hoped the 2021 would bring some relief from the dreaded COVID-19. Unfortunately as the year started, so did the spread of the virus.

Vaccine Roll Out a Chichester Hall Residential Care Home

Luckily most staff and all residents received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on the 7th of January. There were no ill effects from anyone, the second dose is due in March.

Winter Birthdays

We have two special birthdays in January, and all enjoyed the celebration teas. It was a bit difficult for families because of visiting restrictions.

Fresh lick of paint January at Chichester Hall Residential Care Home

Brian has been busy with redecorations in the home. Everywhere looks fresh and bright. New colour scheme in the dining room, lemon and very pale grey, with curtains to match. We were placed back in Lockdown before new flooring was laid. So we will have to wait a while longer before we are completely finished.

Beating the weather with pamper days

The weather which has been pretty bleak. Heavy snow in land posed transport problems for staff. Then constant heavy downpours which meant the days were darker than usual
But during this time the residents have been having pamper days and one to one activities. This has helped to ease the trials of lockdown with restricted visiting. Although Christmas seems a long time ago, chocolate and sweet treats are still in plenty around the home. We are continuing to work our way through them and enjoying them.

New colleague and sad goodbyes at Chichester Hall Residential Care Home

We would like to welcome new staff to the team, and we do hope that they enjoy working in such a special place.
And as we say hello, we’ve also had to say goodbye to two special colleagues. It’s always sad when people move away. But, we wish them well and sincerely hope they keep in touch. We hope they let us know how they are getting on, friendships are very important to us
The gardens await the spring sunshine and some TLC! They will receive this when the rain eventually stops!

Keeping Contact with Loved Ones at Chichester Hall Residential Care Home

Staff have been excellent during January, trying to lighten the days. Enabling family video calls, whatsapp calls, also telephone calls. Also, assisting residents with letter writing and cards. This to keep residents in touch with loved ones, when visiting is so restricted. One of our ladies has a window visit from her daughter, when she is out walking her dog, along the sea front. The lady loves seeing her daughter, but is very animated about the dog! She always brings flowers which is lovely and look so nice in her Mum’s room.
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Nature watching at Chichester Hall

As we come towards the end of the first month of the year, we are looking forward to the snowdrops, crocuses which herald signs of Spring. Birds are beginning to visit the garden and keep us busy with fat balls and wild bird food. The feisty Blue Tits have the occasional fight at the feeding tables.
We have our murmuration of Starlings just before dusk. We have seen some spectacular flights over the area. Whilst the sight is stunning, we have had a complaint or two from staff about the mess they drop on their cars!!
That’s about it for January
Please Stay Safe
Jenni ,Residents and Staff
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