Churchlake Care – A ray of hope.

Churchlake Care colleagues have navigated our nursing and residential homes through the most trying of times.  There is no denying, it has been the most testing 12 months.  Throughout these testing times, memories of times past, inspire us with hope for the future.
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Activities Co-Ordinators at Churchlake Care Group

These wonderful people take the time to listen to the memories of our residents. Hearing the most amazing of tales of past hard times and how they made it though. Reminiscing of the good old days and the achievements of their lives.
Listening to residents, hearing what is important to them, is key to our ethos here at Churchlake Care. It’s what helps care home life become a family orientated place of solace. Our Activities Co-Ordinator’s listen to our residents with interest and admiration. This brings joy and comfort, to the residents and our colleagues. And, if we are honest, we all need a bit of that right now.
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Joyous times in the Isle of Scilly

One of our lovely residents spoke of her holidays with her two sisters to the Isles of Scilly. They made friendships that have lasted to this day with people they met and revisited over the years. With one sister having passed away and the two sisters left, still went away every year. Unfortunately, not long after, a second sister was lost. Showing strength and resilience this lady was not put off. She still went on her own, knowing her friends were waiting for her. She would drive to Penzance, staying over night on the way. Then she would catch a helicopter to St Marys, where she would base herself. Using a boat stationed at the harbour, visits were made to the other isles.
She loved photography and took many photos. The lady recalled winning £50 in a competition for a photo she took a mass of red-hot poker flowers with the sea behind. What an amazing lady and what a win!

Taking shelter from an air raid and a naughty brother!

On lady recalls starting school in 1943 when she was 5. She can even describe the dress she wore, made by her mother. She remembers there were only 2 classes in the village school. The teachers names were Mrs Stevens and Mrs Marshall.
She remembers a large air raid that destroyed a significant part of Bristol. As the planes went over their village, her Mum picked her up and ran to the neighbours but fell on the way. The neighbours had a windmill on their land which had a cellar. When they finally reached the safety of the windmill, they stayed inside the cellar until the coast was clear. She remembers that her Dad and their neighbour would stay at the door to watch the planes going over. One Night her Dad ran off in the middle of an air raid to fetch their dog who was locked in a shed at home. Luckily, they both returned safety.
She also remembers her brother and his friends setting fire to neighbours’ haystack! Smoke could be seen from all over the village. They were in big trouble!

Prisoners of War and School Boy Football rivalry.

One gentleman recalled an early memory of being 4/5 walking along a road in Bristol.  Italian prisoners of war were building it. They would call out to him as he walked by.
This gentleman spent a lot of time living with his maternal Grandmother in Bristol. He recalled going to school and being a naughty boy and receiving the cane and ruler! He also remembers playing football in junior school against a school with a rough reputation. All the boys were frightened to score goals against them, in case of repercussions! After he left school, he started his working life in a printing company.
Massive thank you to Axbridge Court for their assistance with this article.

Making a difference at Churchlake Care

Our Activities Co-Ordinator’s pride themselves on being a friend and a listening ear to our residents. In normal times these wonderful people would be arranging performers, animal visits and a wide range of external entertainment. But for now, they are using a breadth of creative ideas to keep residents entertained and stimulated. From valentine crafts to ingenious indoor games. Rolling out the classics such as a game of scrabble as well as good old bingo.  Even poetry recitals!  Keeping all entertained whilst taking time for each and everyone of our residents.
Activities at Churchlake Care

Hope for the return for more normal times at Churchlake Care

Tales of war and hardship together with fond memories from our residents, it teaches us that things will get better; to keep calm and carry on.
With all the Churchlake Care Group of Care homes now offered the vaccine, we stride on into Spring with hope. The sun will shine and the flowers will bloom.
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