Activities at Belmont

The Good Old Days I recently purchased several items that the residents would have used in the “Good Old Days”, an old telephone, which I tried to get them to make calls on, a vintage radio, which we tried to tune in. These items were trying to get our residents to reminisce. Asking if they [...]

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Activities at Axbridge – October

As autumn settles in fully with the arrival of October, we have had a busy fortnight of activities in which music has continued to play an important part. Following September’s outdoor opera afternoon, residents have enjoyed another excellent musical experience with a visit by Flash Back Theatre. Multi-talented players entertained and skilfully involved residents in [...]

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Activities at Hillview – September

Learning about Calligraphy On Thursday, 26th September, we gathered around the dining room table to learn about the history of calligraphy. We discovered how monks used it in medieval times to decorate their manuscripts. They worked painstakingly to ensure each letter was accurate and attractive.  We were then ready to have a go at doing [...]

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Latest News at Axbridge- August 7th

Coffee Outing Trips into the community have continued with a coffee outing to a local hotel, which was enjoyed by the residents who went. Theresa - the Home Manager - and I accompanied the group, and we were blessed with a beautiful, sunny day. Relatives joined us to make it an even better, family-orientated event. [...]

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Activities at Ferns – September 12th

Garden Party On 31st August we held our annual Garden Party. The garden party was a successful event, and we raised £174.60! We are very grateful to our resident's families who volunteered on the day serving teas, coffees and strawberries and cream. Oh, course our signature Pimm's went down a treat with everyone. Our head [...]

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Activities at Ferns – August 7st

Flexercise and Games We have had another couple of busy weeks with our activities team. Our regular flexercise, the seated exercise class we run, went off with great success. A resident requested to play our word games to keep brains active and encourage a bit of positive competition. We held a quiz on Wednesday, which [...]

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Activities at Ferns – August 1st

We have had a busy time at Ferns with our activities over the last month. Flexercise Every week, both Kate and Karen have provided Flexercise, which is a wheelchair-based exercise class. It can last anything from 10 to 60 minutes, depending on how our lovely residents feel. We use socks as weights and have our [...]

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Poetry Recital at Hillview- July 30th

After a scrumptious lunch, five residents, one volunteer, and I (Hillview activities coordinator), all gathered around the dining room table to join in with a poetry recital. The residents took it in turns to select a poem to read and listen to. We read poems about nature, including leaves, apple trees, and flowers. The poems [...]

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