What a flippin’ good time – Belmont

The residents at Belmont had more than a flippin’ good time- (Pun intended) on shrove Tuesday! The residents spent their morning by making the pancake mix and giving it a good whisk, we talked about Lent and what that meant for them. some people talked about them giving up chocolate, smoking, and swearing for Lent [...]

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Art Springs to Mind

Perhaps it’s the spring winds looming around the corner that is making our residents show more of an interest in art and Susannah Crook. Susannah is an artist from Weston-Super-Mare who came along on the 4th of March to teach us more about the tricks of creative art and how we can express our thoughts [...]

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Visitor Guidance: Coronavirus

Updated on: 22 March 2020 Churchlake Care remains dedicated to the ongoing safety and security of our residents. Our excellent teams continue to work diligently to provide excellent care during these unprecedented times. The vulnerable nature of our residents places them in the highest risk categories, which is why we consider prevention to be the [...]

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February blooms with love and song!

Valentine’s activities It was time for loving memories as Valentine’s Day came upon us this month, so we marked the occasion with some suitably thought-provoking activities. Residents were encouraged to reflect happily about the loves of their lives, whether in the past or active today, and to remember the magical feelings that come with closeness [...]

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The World is our Hunting Ground! – Axbridge Court

Usual Activities In recent weeks we have continued with our usual activities – but a really inspiring one is turning out to be the Map Game. Every week residents gather to be challenged by a series of clues that lead to the identification of one of the world’s 195 countries! Imaginations and memory Short videos, [...]

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Chinese New Year 2020 at Belmont House

Happy Chinese New year 2020!!!  Decorations At Belmont, we celebrated the Chinese New Year in true style! We decorated the home with some authentic Chinese paper lanterns and some Chinese wall art. They brightened up the home to no end, and all the residents really like the decorations, before we put them up, some residents [...]

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Dancing, Walking and Chinese Celebrations at Axbridge Court

Boogie Beat Children's Group As we settled into 2020 at Axbridge Court, our first entertainment was provided by the Boogie Beat children’s group, assembled from the local school. Residents were highly impressed at the sight of children of no more than five to six years of age singing and dancing with great aplomb among them. [...]

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December and the New Year- Belmont

Christmas at Belmont Thank you to Homebase for donating our 7ft Nordic Christmas tree to our home last year! They ran a community project where five local projects in Bodmin were eligible for a free Christmas tree, although there were only five places, we were lucky enough to have one! One of our colleagues had told us [...]

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Christmas at Axbridge

Oh, the joys of Christmas! Love, fun, feelings for one another – all these things, essential to the spirit of Christmas, were part of a special mood that ran through Axbridge Court Nursing Home in the period leading up to Christmas – and when the festivities got into full swing, they did not disappoint. With [...]

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