New Colleagues at Belmont House Care Home in Bodmin

November News at Belmont House Care Home in Bodmin.  Hello! Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Julie and I am the new activities coordinator at Belmont House Care Home in Bodmin. My role includes promoting positive well-being, meaningful and physical stimulation that engages our residents.  This is achieved by creating a varied and enriched programme of events and activities.  I started in November and well I have to say what a busy month November was!

Here at Belmont House Care Home in Bodmin we have had new staff inducted and lots of returning staff.  I have been getting to know all the residents.  It has been an absolute pleasure meeting up with members of our residents’ families.  I will be in contact with those who are not able to visit in person very soon.

Activitues at Belmont House Care home in Bodmin

You are my Sunshine at Belmont House Nursing Home in Bodmin

We have been working on an art project to symbolise the new start and the connections between us all.  It is the symbol of Belmont, along with the lyric “You are my sunshine”.   A sunflower has been created shaped from the handprints of residents and the staff.  It such a lovely thing to do and we are very pleased with the outcome and what it represents.

You are my sunshine at Belmont House Care home in Bodmin

Fun and Games at Belmont!

We have been playing card games such as Whot and Snap.  Residents have also had fun colouring in flowers and Cars.  We had a lovely afternoon looking at all the amazing foods being advertised in the glossy magazines for Christmas.  We were then reminiscing about favourite foods or how we used to have our Christmas spread.

Dress up at Belmont

We have raised laughter with a collection of hats and feather boas and became famous people from the past.  Residents reminisced about the stars of yesteryear.  We used picture cards to get choices of music from Alexa, who gave us a never-ending supply of music.  Good old Alexa! There was lots of singing and dancing to the many song requests we had.

Belmont welcomes some new fish and their families

We have welcomed some new very special residents to Belmont House Care Home, in the form of a tank filled with colourful fish.  The residents are all enjoying the antics of the fish family, including the birth of some baby fish.  The residents love checking on them daily to see what they are up to!

Activities at Belmont House Care home in Bodmin

Visits at Belmont House Nursing Home in Bodmin

Here at Belmont House Care Home in Bodmin we have redecorated the corridors in Dementia friendly colours.  We now have bright yellows and Purples.

We have also decorated our Covid safe meeting room.  Please contact us if you would like to arrange a meeting.  This room has just been fantastic as it has allowed family members to have space where they can sit with their loved ones and spend time talking and reconnecting.  This is such an important aspect of, not only our residents’ mental health, but also that of the families.   In the climate where we are all suffering a feeling of disconnect, its been amazing to get this area up and running.  The feedback has been very complimentary, and families are looking forward to continuing positive changes.

Our residents are so precious to us here at Belmont House Nursing Home in Bodmin

I have sat with residents over a cup of tea, talking and taking the time to connect and discover the person I am engaging with. It’s been so rewarding finding the things they love and what makes them who they are.  They have shared with me, pictures of loved ones, handwritten letters from families as well as music that moves them.  We have also talked about their passions in life. I feel so privileged to be part of Belmont House Care Home and getting to know our wonderful residents.  All of this is key to a person-centred approach to care.

Tea and a natter at Belmont House Care home in Bodmin

Christmas is coming to Belmont!

We look forward to showing you all our festive activities we have planned for December and what we have in store for the big day itself.

We now have a new Facebook Page, please ask friends and relatives to like and share the page and our posts.  Thank you in advance, All at Belmont House Care Home.