We have been focusing on memory and exercising our fine motor skills during our theme of the month – Old School vs New School entertainment!

“Old School”

The residents were able to participate in a number of “old school” activities, including:

  • Colouring in with pencils
  • Cats Cradle
  • Playing noughts and crosses
  • Whack a mole
  • Draughts
  • Trying to complete a Rubix cube
  • Connect Four
  • Playing cards
  • Making paper aeroplanes

“New School”

Our “New School” entertainment included some time on the iPad. The residents enjoyed watching Opera concerts on YouTube, David Attenborough documentaries and funny cat and dog videos. They also played a number of games and quizzes and made jigsaw puzzles.

We also (virtually, of course!) travelled the world through the Google Earth App which really resonated with the residents. They were amazed at all the places we visited all from the comfort of the Home! We navigated our way to The RAF base in Singapore, took a trip to Paris, then came back to Dover and Wales. We also spent some time looking at houses they grew up in and everyone listened to each other’s stories of their past. The residents really enjoyed these activities and asked if they could have more time on the iPad – it sounds like this was a big success!

Lots of fun!

Our residents have thoroughly enjoyed the various activities they have taken part in over the past month. They were fascinated by how many things were available at a touch of a button. Some asked if they can have their own iPad!


That’s all from us for this month, just to say we hope you are all safe and well and look forward to seeing you soon.

With love from us all at Hillview.

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