After a scrumptious lunch, five residents, one volunteer, and I (Hillview activities coordinator), all gathered around the dining room table to join in with a poetry recital. The residents took it in turns to select a poem to read and listen to. We read poems about nature, including leaves, apple trees, and flowers. The poems were from the ‘Book of a Thousand Poems’. All residents joined in in different ways; some were reading out loud with me and participating in the actions. Those of the residents who were unable to read out loud gave the group a signal to begin the next poem. We talked about how we felt about each poem, and what our favourite parts were.

Halfway through the activity, we had a brief interlude when one of the residents mentioned a song that she enjoyed. I managed to find the track ‘Me and my shadow’ on the tablet, and we listened to it. The lady who chose the track was singing along, and it seemed that everyone enjoyed the piece of music.

After reading through our poems, I asked everybody if they would like to end with a folktale, which indeed we did! We finished with an Italian tale about a mystical Queen and her lost Prince, who were reunited by three sisters. All in all, the group seemed to have a super time; there were plenty of laughs, and we shall certainly hold a similar activity next week.