In January Belmont signed up to the Age UK ‘postcards of kindness’ Project! 

The project asks people to write and send postcards to our home and residents from other care homes. The idea that it sparks lively conversations among the people who receive them. Belmont felt that this project would be really beneficial to our residents, who all have a varying diagnosis of mental health issues or moderate to severe Dementia, as it could ignite some reminiscence therapy! And boy were we right!

We have been so thrilled and overwhelmed with the response and can not believe how much of a success it has been at Belmont. 

We’ve received so many lovely letters, postcards, pictures and even some unexpected gifts from all over the country/ world, and has brought our residents here at Belmont some lovely talking points, and has been a key feature in our reminiscence therapy. It has also meant that some of the residents here at Belmont has taken time to respond to those who wrote to them, and it allowed them to take some time out to write, and thrive from the nostalgia of a time where people did write to each other and received letters in the post, rather than a text or an email!


Residents have talked about their holidays, as some postcards have come from areas where they used to go to their jollies’- Southend on sea Has been a popular talking point! 


Belmont has received an unexpected response from this initiative that we decided to do a wall display in the home to share with others where people were sending the postcards from, and what they were writing about. As you come into Belmont, we have a  proud ‘postcards of Kindness’ wall that displays all of our correspondence. And they still keep flying in!

Belmont and the residents would like to thank everyone who has sent us cards, expect some responses too!

If you would like to contribute to our Postcards of Kindness feature, please send your postcards to Belmont House, Love Lane, Bodmin, Cornwall. PL31 2BL.

*Don’t forget to put your address so we can respond.*