Dancing at Hillview Nursing Home in Burnham-on-Sea!

Lot’s of September News at Hillview Nursing Home in Burnham-on-Sea! https://churchlakecare.com/hillview-care-home-in-burnham Its been a very musical month at Hillview. Our residents love choosing their favourite songs to listen to, of course Elvis and Johnny cash were among the most popular singers, which are either being sung by one of our own activities coordinators or being played on our Alexia devices with the original artists’ voice. Our residents have been provided with new musical instruments this month including maracas and tambourines, I wonder if we could start a band?

Exercising at Hillview

Balloon and ball exercises have been a recent addition to our activities schedule this month at Hillview Nursing Home in Burnham-on-Sea. Our residents have been bringing out their inner child and proving no matter your age, everyone can enjoy hitting a balloon around. We did this as a group activity and one on one, for those that could not make it to the group session. we had a rally record of 16, which we hope to beat next time.  No matter the size of the ball, we found a way to make it fun. The little ping pong balls, we used to see how many we could bounce into a cup. The bigger soft balls, we used to throw back and forth, really using our coordination and arm strength on that one.

Getting creative towards the end of the month at Hillview Nursing Home in Burnham-on-Sea

Our residents made salt dough. They loved the feeling of being able to ‘bake’ again.  The texture of the product itself and turning the dough into their own design. One resident even came up with the idea and made an octopus with a top hat, now that is imagination! Once the dough has dried, we paint them. They will make a nice little ornament for their rooms or loved ones.

salt dough making at Hillview Nursing Home in Burnham-on-SeaSalt dough activities at Hillview Nursing Home in Burnham-on-Sea

Feeling the chill in the air

As the weather starts to get colder, our minds turn to the animals outside. This month we made bird feeders out of recycled materials. First we started off with toilet roll cardboard.  Following that, we smothered the outside of the cardboard tube in peanut butter and then we rolled that into bird seed. A few residents came outside into our garden to hang them up. We were all pleased with how they turned out.  We look forward to many more projects that will help our wildlife here at Hillview Nursing Home in Burnham-on-Sea.

Bird Feeder Making at Hillview Nursing Home in Burnham-on-Sea

In addition to the above, we have continued with our usual activities of board games, quizzes, painting.  We have also loved as always walking in the gardens particularly in this cooler season. We look forward to being able to book in our regular and very much enjoyed outside entertainers soon.

You will see news updates every from now on regarding what’s happening here at Hillview Nursing Home in Burnham-on-Sea.  You can keep up with these on our website page https://churchlakecare.com/hillview-care-home-in-burnham/ or on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/Hillview-Nursing-Home-102411844537316 so like us if you can!