During the month of May we had two new residents join us for Activities, which is a great addition to our already wonderful group. We have been very busy celebrating Birthdays, singing and doing some gentle exercises!

Taking a trip down Memory Lane

We have spent our days enjoying lots of animated chats about childhood memories, marriage and our children.  Moments like these  always stimulate such great conversations, enjoyment and laughter and engage not only other residents but our care team too.

Gentle exercise

We have introduced some gentle exercise to our days, this can be a simple as throwing and catching the ball to each other or with the use of the hoop or some gentle chair exercises.  These movements have been a real hit and are becoming a frequent request from residents.

Birthday Celebrations

We celebrated two Birthdays during May, we all love getting together to enjoy a delicious homemade cake and a glass of wine to toast the occasion.

Fun and Games

Residents have used their own hands to make paper hand prints, which were cut out and used to make a large flower – this is  now displayed within our home.

We have made the most of the beautiful weather and spent some time in the garden, planted some flowers and even enjoyed an icecream to keep us cool!

We have started a project which we are calling ‘Resident of the Month’. With the residents permission, we have sat with them and talked through their life and their experiences, we have gathered pictures from their families and used them to produce a feature wall which is located by the front door.

Residents have played word games and recited poetry.

Singing with Maria!

We have had visits from our lovely singer Maria, which took place outside for the residents to enjoy! Many of our residents who normally prefer to stay up in their room have come down to listen to Maria. The residents always have a great time listening to her and always ask when she is coming again!

The residents have been enjoying the sound of music. They have been listening to music in the lounge and a couple of residents took the opportunity to dance along to the music!

Visiting Pets

We also had a visit from some guinea pigs – a member of our team has 26 of them so brought a couple in for the residents to see! The residents were able to hold and stroke the guinea pigs, this  was a real change for the residents and was nice for them to do something different especially after not being able to have things like this for so long.

Our Manager, Tricia, also brought her chocolate Labrador called Dexter into the Home to meet all of the residents. As you can imagine he was a huge hit with everybody! He went round all of the rooms to say hello to everyone and was fed lots of biscuits he loved showing off his tricks when the residents were asking him to give them his paw before feeding him more biscuits. Many of the residents still ask about Dexter and when he will be back!


We hope you liked reading our update – we’ve been very busy! Keep safe and well everyone and hope to see some of you soon.
With love from us all at Axbridge Court.

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