Get shaking to the music!

The New Year kicked off at Axbridge Court with a great disco featuring music from the 1960s, 70s and 80s – and it really got everyone going with a fair bit of body shake by residents and staff alike. The ladies said they would most certainly like to see a repeat performance, as they had enjoyed singing and dancing to all those great tunes so much, if only with their upper bodies. Although one resident was determined to go the ‘full distance’ and, despite it being difficult, insisted on standing up and dancing with me, which was great!


Meanwhile, our regular floor and board games continue to entertain. The Marple game remains popular, testing residents’ analytical powers to determine who is the guilty party in any given crime scenario. And the Maps game represents another interesting challenge, testing people’s knowledge of countries, cities and even smaller towns around the world. It is particularly useful for generating globally based discussion about cultures, politics and life experiences.

Birds’ song sessions

Also popular are the birds’ song sessions, in which residents listen to recordings of birds and compete over who can recognise the highest number of species which are singing out. And of course, our art therapy meetings on Thursday afternoons continue to encourage creative talent, by residents engaging with this opportunity to express themselves through drawing and painting.

Upcoming activities

Upcoming activities include a visit by Boogie Beats, the Children Group on 22 January, followed just two days later by a Chinese buffet on the 24th. This marks the Chinese New Year, which starts on the 25th, and it seems that all residents in the activity group are keen to sample the Chinese food that will be on offer in the buffet. The celebration will, of course, be supported by a discussion session exploring aspects of the Chinese New Year, most probably to a background of Chinese music.