It has been a busy and plenitful July here at Hames Hall in Cockermouth – everyone has been amazed by our flourishing garden, with the tall sunflowers and their dazzling, bright faces at the centre. The long warm sunny days have helped them grow and flower well and the garden is in abundance with green leafy vegetables which our residents have been enjoying at mealtimes.


Pet Therapy

Our residents and staff enjoyed special little visitors this month, everyone had smiley faces when they met Abigail’s little Chihuahua ‘Taco’ and Elaine’s Cockapoo ‘Milly’. The joy and positive effect on well-being was clearly evident, everyone reminisced about their own pets and their individual antics.

Teddy Bears Picnic

To celebrate national Teddy Bears Picnic day, our residents and staff enjoyed picnicking in the garden in the warm summer sunshine along with their loyal companions. Marguerite brought along Cambridge who has been with her for many years and is named after the place where she lived and worked for many years. Dainty little picnic baskets with cakes, savoury rolls, cheese and biscuits fruit, lemonade to quench the thirst, then ice creams to complete the outdoor dining.

Inspiring Poetry

We welcomed a new poetry enthusiast to the group this month – very inspiring, Iris wrote a little poem about her new home:

“Kindness is the word I need,

And thoughtfulness is bright

It helps to make a better world

Where things turn out just right

Then add to that the trees and view,

As birds make their display,

So then you see that Hames Hall Home

Is a special place to stay.”

Movie Nights

We enjoyed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as one of our movies this month, in celebration of National World Chocolate Day. In the afternoon our cook made a selection of fruits, strawberries, raspberries, bananas to name a few, all drizzled with milk, white and dark chocolate,. Everyone enjoyed while watching the movie ‘Delicious.’

Indulging in creamy desserts

To celebrate National Cheesecake Day, Kayley asked for everyone’s favourite cheesecake – strawberry and white chocolate won the most votes from all our residents and staff, as the most popular choice.

Fond Farewell

Sunday 25th July was a sad day for all, as it was our Senior Carer Hannah’s last day at Hames Hall. Hannah is taking a new avenue in her career, we sincerely thank Hannah for all the fun and smiles she brought to all our residents and the whole staff team during the past seven years. Everyone wishes Hannah every happiness and hope that she realises that:

‘You never really leave a place you love, you take part of it with you and leave part of you there.’

Hannah received an abundance of thank you cards and well wishes, flowers, chocolates and gifts from staff, residents and their families.

Come and See Us!

We hope you have enjoyed reading our little post, please feel free to contact us if you would like to visit and view our lovely home.

With best regards from all at Hames Hall x

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