Usual Activities

In recent weeks we have continued with our usual activities – but a really inspiring one is turning out to be the Map Game. Every week residents gather to be challenged by a series of clues that lead to the identification of one of the world’s 195 countries!

Imaginations and memory

Short videos, pictures and music are played in order to take participants on a journey through their imaginations and memory, to set them thinking about different places, cultures and ways of life. The clue might be in a scenic panorama or the clothing, general style and activities of individuals featured in the film, while musical recordings feature compositions or types of instrument that hint at a certain part of the world.

Great Knowledge

When participants are sure they know the answer to where a given destination is, they are invited to pin a mark on the world map to show where they think the answer lies. And it has to be said that the residents of Axbridge Court do remarkably well, with the great knowledge that they have acquired during their lives!


Moving from knowledge of the world to our immediate existence, we have a new type of activity that, on the face of it, appears mundane but which is beneficial amongst those for whom straightforward coordination and continued use of the hands is a challenge. It is the basic job of folding serviettes for mealtimes, but residents who have participated agree that this simple function has exercised the dexterity of their fingers and benefitted their concentration.

Floor Games

Meanwhile, floor games continue with hula-hoop and skittles as preferred options. Then, of course, there’s the ever-popular bingo that gets into gear every Friday afternoon. And, as ever, there’s the ongoing activity of art. Only this last week I asked residents what painting means for them, and the overall feelings were of relaxation, freedom and expression.


This week we welcome Maria, a great singer who will perform country songs, while later on in the month residents will have the opportunity to enjoy another performance of song and dance by the Boogie Beat children’s group.

Valentine’s Day

We’ll also be decorating cakes mid-month for Valentine’s Day, and I will personally be stepping into the breach to act out some Charlie Chaplin routines, as best I can!