VE Day at Axbridge

Axbridge Court Nursing Home
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Garden celebration for VE Day

We were blessed with the most beautiful sunny weather with which to remember World War II’s Victory in Europe Day of 8 May 1945. Although we have been unable to hire outside entertainers recently due to the coronavirus precautions, it was possible to do so for this event as it could be held outside on such a lovely day.


Most appropriately it was Maria, possibly the residents’ favourite entertainer, who obliged by joining us to perform some unforgettable war songs in the garden, with suitable social distancing of course! War may not be a pleasant activity but the popular songs of Vera Lynn have never failed to entertain, whether sung to 1940s war troops or for commemorations in all the years since. Residents certainly looked happy as they sang along merrily to Maria’s characterful renditions.


Our pink magnolia tree made for a perfect backdrop to the proceedings, rustling gently in a silky breeze that washed the tree’s fine fragrance over the audience.


VE Day food and decorations

At teatime on this celebratory day appeared a specially decorated VE Day cake, courtesy of chef Angela, which we all enjoyed amidst the paper chains and other decorations that we had been making from red, white and blue paper almost every day of the week. And more music was enjoyed thanks to staffer Abi, who once again had brought in her violin for our entertainment.


Later in the day an enjoyable buffet supper, prepared by our other great chef Lynn, continued the VE Day theme with its red mats and blue-and-white serviettes.


Overall we can say that our VE Day celebration went well, augmented as it was by videos and TV programmes run throughout the day – and that it was more about fun, not tears. Most residents agreed that the most enjoyable part of it was the visit by magical Maria.


Coming up

For the foreseeable future, we carry on with our homemade activities aimed at keeping us stimulated as much as possible during this difficult period of curtailed contact due to the coronavirus. However, our daily activity will hopefully return to normal before too long, when we will be able to have more entertainers, fun and joy.


Tunde Novak

Activities Co-ordinator

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