At Belmont there were lots of VE celebrations this week, we were lucky to receive lots of lovely letters from family and friends, so we spent some time reading these. The residents were really happy as they were from family and friends that we have not seen for a little while.

The weather has been amazing, so the residents of the gardening club spent some time to do some planting.
In true celebration style, we have brought some carnival games to Belmont, we had our very own tin can alley game. The residents roared with laughter and loved this.

Some residents who didn’t fancy playing the tin can alley game, took a more relaxed approach and completed some of our dementia friendly puzzles and a battle of noughts and crosses was had! This was on the Ipad and was a great success.

Our more crafty residents spent some time decorating some wooden tee light holders, and they looked lovely.

Did you know that it was world laughter day? The residents did an activity and they talked about what made them laugh, there were some very interesting comments, so much so that they made us giggle.

Some examples were

  • “my wife- when it is payday!”
  • “Looking at your face!”
  • “Television”
  • “Everything”

A lot of the week was spent with residents decorating the home for the VW day celebrations. We decorated the home with bunting, flags and posters.

Finally, VE day was here!! We celebrated by having music virtually by D Day Darlings, we watched Churchill’s speech and sang ‘we’ll meet again’ with the nation, and had an extra special visit from Mabel, Bodmin’s celebration car came to visit. The residents sat outside and waved their union jack flags, with the union jack bowler hats were worn in true British street party style!

The car played ‘we’ll meet again’ and we all sang along and had a dance in the car park. We even had a few family members join us from over the fence to see the residents enjoy the day!

After this, we had a traditional tea party with lots of cakes, quiches, sausage rolls, and not forgetting a glass of sherry!

The celebration carried on well into the weekend, with some paper aeroplane making and throwing. Top scorers for this were Christine, John and June with 20 points each! On Sunday we enjoyed some hymn singing from our common praise books, on the decking and in the extension lounge.

The weekend weather remained beautiful for the residents to enjoy the garden in. All the flowers were in bloom, which was the topic of conversation.

This was an enjoyable week for lots of residents.