Visitors are a vital part of care home life

Here at Churchlake Care Group of Care and Residential homes, we understand that receiving visitors is a vital part of care home life.  Visiting is critical for supporting the health and well being of residents and their relationships with friends and family.

Considering a care home for your loved one has always been a difficult decision.  For many, the COVID pandemic has made this choice even harder.  One of the main considerations of family and friends in current times is that contact can be maintained with loved ones.

Churchlake Care Group – Committed to you and your loved ones

We are committed to making our visiting policy available and well communicated to its residents and families.  We will make it fully understood the reasons for any restrictions and arrangement changes. View our full guidance at

The Churchlake Care Group of Care and Residential homes continues to apply its infection control measures fully in line with the latest Government and public health guidance.  Our Care and Residential Homes will work with families and local professionals to find the right balance between the benefits of visiting on well being and quality of life, and the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to social care staff and vulnerable residents.

Each Churchlake Care home is unique in its physical layout, surrounding environment and facilities.  Residents vary in their needs, health and current well being.  Our individual Care Home Managers are best placed to decide how to deliver visits in their own homes. The individual resident, their views, needs and well being are an important focus of decisions around visiting.

Decisions will be reached in conjunction with the Care Home Manager, the resident, their family and friends and other relevant professionals such as social workers or clinicians.

Online and in person – keeping contact

Churchlake Care Group of Care and Residential homes have provided extra technical infrastructure to ensure digital contact with loved ones.  We use telephone, social media messaging, and our Alexa Echo Shows. These methods provide unlimited, safe contact to all family members and friends.

In addition to this, our Care Home Managers at Churchlake Care Group have been able to consider and apply are the following:

  • Window visits
  • Garden or Outdoor Area visits that can conform to physical distancing guidance with relevant PPE and infection management and hygiene measures.  As well as safe access to the designated outdoor areas.
  • “Drive-through” visits using the car parks and other suitable outdoor areas

These arrangements will continue wherever practical and in response to individual needs and circumstances. Churchlake Care Group are currently putting in practice the latest suggestions to enable safe visiting to take place in winter conditions. These include the use of “pods” or “lodges”.  These require the use of floor to ceiling screens, awnings, gazebos and open sided marquees.

Each home will assess the practicality of each of these ideas with consideration to the essential safety measures that must be in place, IE:

  • maintaining distance of at least 2 metres
  • ensuring high quality infection prevention and control practices.
  • visiting by only one person or party at a time
  • separate single entry and exits for visitors
  • ensuring good ventilation

Planning Indoor Visiting

Churchlake Care Group Home Managers will continue to explore, in relation to individual needs, a variety of arrangements with limited indoor visiting.  This will involve a single constant visitor to a resident.

Churchlake Care Group of Care and Residential Homes recognises that its visiting policy and arrangements will be very much subject to local alert levels.  This has enabled our care and residential homes to take their own decisions on visiting.

Our homes will (or has already set up in some cases) visiting arrangements in a dedicated indoor area.  Any such arrangement will follow all public health guidance on:

  • the numbers of visitors
  • the number of visitors allowed for a particular resident.
  • how the home should support visitors to reduce the risks of their transmitting any infection to the care home.
  • the infection control measures required for the use of the visiting area.  This includes the wearing of face-coverings and for access and exit

Churchlake Care Group – With you every step of the way

Be assured that all at Churchlake Care Group of Care and Residential Homes are doing  everything possible to maintain contact.  We will continue to review this whilst keeping the safety and emotional well being of our residents and our visitors, paramount.

Churchlake Care Group are delighted with the news regarding tests for visitors to care homes.  This will be carried out using rapid COVID-19 tests.  Churchlake Care Group of Care and Residential Homes will look forward to getting this up and running.  Please contact individual care homes for full information.

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