Autumn sets in at Chichester Hall

We bring you a warm Welcome to the September News from Chichester Hall.    Autumn certainly came in with force with high tides and strong winds over the Solway Firth.  Grey skies meeting equally grey seas with foaming waves crashing onto the beach.  Here’s hoping for a late ‘Indian Summer’ later in the month when we can take advantage of the last of the warm summer rays.

The hawks have now gone from the woodland area, and at last the garden birds have returned.  They are a welcome sight, the garden tubs and flowers have been damaged somewhat by the gale force winds.  The autumn leaves are in abundance, keeping maintenance busy cleaning pathways and ramps!!

Celebrations at Chichester Hall

We celebrated two birthdays this month, one of our dear ladies reached her 90th birthday, she was adamant she was only 21!!.  It was a lovely day with flowers, balloons, cakes etc, the party at tea time was very special for her.  Due to visiting restrictions the family had to stagger their visits throughout the day, but all managed to see their Mum and Grandma which was appreciated. The ‘birthday lady’ chose the menu for the day, Shepherds’ Pie and Trifle with plenty of cream, which are her particular favourites.

Birthday Flowers at Chichester Hall

Our second Birthday Girl was Lauren, who reached the ripe old age of 29 years!! Again there were cards and gifts for her at the end of her shift, she repaid the kind gestures the next day with a delicious chocolate birthday cake, which was enjoyed by all.

New video of our beautiful Chichester Hall coming soon!

The videographer visited the home, on one of our rare bright sunny days,( it rained heavily before and after his visit) so we were very fortunate.  He said he was pleased with the filming and photographs, we eagerly await the results

Due to the inclement weather in September, most of our outdoor activities in the garden had to be postponed, such as the BBQ and beach walk. Shirley who has sessions every two weeks in normal circumstances agreed to resume her sessions on ‘Memory Matters’.  The residents love her enthusiasm and kindness and were very excited to see her after so many months.  There was a ‘catch up’ session to begin with, them some reminiscing therapy.  All had a very enjoyable morning, it was strange with social distancing and mask wearing, but as this has become the new ‘norm’, it was not an issue.

Proud of our COVID-19 all clear at Chichester Hall

The residents COVID -19 testing was completed and all results were returned Negative.  The next round due early October for residents.  Staff continue to be tested weekly, and thankfully all have been returned Negative each week.  Everyone fully agrees with the testing and we have no problems.  Residents now take it in their stride each month.

Giving residents choice for the Autumn menu.

Catering staff organised a ‘Tasting Day’ for new sweets and savouries.  This included chicken curry mini bites, salmon and mackerel pate, lemon and raspberry tarts and Scottish Cranachie (without the whisky).  All were homemade.  The new dishes went down well, some not keen on the Pate.  All loved the mini bites and sweet dishes, that will now be added to the menu. Residents are all now discussing the dishes they would like to see on the Autumn menu.

Chirstmas is coming at Chichester Hall

Now is the time of year we begin to think about craft making for Christmas presents for family members.  This year the majority thought personalised calendars would be a good idea. We are in the process of arranging for these.

Keeping in contact with loved ones at Chichester Hall.

We are hoping that visiting restrictions will be lifted at some stage.  We do have new ways of keeping in touch.  Residents are now more used to face time, Whatsapp and skype, so at least face to face contact will still be possible.

Hairdresser returns – to the joy of residents at Chichester Hall

We Finally had a long awaited visit from our hairdresser, who agreed to attend.  The hairdresser spent the day at the home, cutting and trimming.  What a difference that visit has made! Residents are feeling much better about their appearance, they were becoming tired of longer hair.  They are all very happy with the results!

After the hair dressers visit we had a pamper day for hands and feet.  Residents were treated with manicures, and  hand and foot massages.  Great delight was had choosing nail varnish!


Now that its getting darker sooner, we have adorned the trees, tubs and ornaments in the secure garden area with lights.  The effect is quite stunning.  Although too cold to sit out,  the residents are enjoying the display in the evenings.

We are now looking forward to another month, hoping that we all keep well and happy.  Don’t forget to like us on facebook.