The residents at Belmont had more than a flippin’ good time- (Pun intended) on shrove Tuesday!
The residents spent their morning by making the pancake mix and giving it a good whisk, we talked
about Lent and what that meant for them. some people talked about them giving up chocolate,
smoking, and swearing for Lent before, rarely did anyone say that they had succeeded!
No Promises of Lent were made this year, some residents at Belmont simply said they were ‘too old
to care’ and a resident even commented ‘ if I can’t have treats now at my time, when can I have
them’, Hear, Hear we say!!!

The residents had a giggle trying to flip the pancakes in the frying pan, most did a fantastic job and
managed to keep it In the pan. Others, struggled a bit, and it made the activity all the more
sweetener (or bitter dependant on hoe yo9u have your pancake!!!!) when it wasn’t successful as it
brought roars of laughter to the home. Laughter really is the best medicine we find!
They were offered a choice of toppings and were encouraged to design them how they wanted, as
was the staff who joined in the celebrations. Goodness me, what a variation and interesting bunch
of pancakes that were presented!

We had chocolate spread, whipped cream and strawberries, peanut butter and jam, cream, lemon
and sugar, ice cream- the possibilities were endless!

After everyone was fat and full from the creation and consumption of the amazing variations of
pancakes, the residents enjoyed a well-deserved cup of tea, (some with more pancakes) and then a
good snooze!

The staff grazed on remaining pancakes throughout the day and even had a go at flipping at
pancakes themselves too, which provided further entertainment to the residents!!!